SUNRISE SUMMIT – For the 38th time, the J. Holland and Anita Rannells Award will be given Thursday at the annual Hampshire High School athletic awards ceremony, but this year just like everything else, comes with a twist. The award banquet will be recorded in the gymnasium starting at 6 p.m. this evening and the coaches will take turns giving their presentations in a similar format as the years before.

“Everything will appear as normal as possible in terms of the presentation,” explained HHS athletic director Trey Stewart.

The video will be recorded, uploaded and posted to several social media outlets, including the Hampshire Review sometime on Thursday, May 21.

The student athletes who win awards will be able to come pick up their honors on Wednesday, May 27 from 4 to 6 p.m.

“Spring sport athletes will still letter, however, individual awards will not be issued due to lack of criteria,” Stewart said.

The Rannells Award finalists this year include Angela Fagga, Danielle Davis, and Nicole McManamay.

The Rannells Award has been given annually since 1983 to the senior who “best represents the highest standards of Hampshire High School athletics.”

The school’s varsity head coaches select the winner by secret ballot.

Named for a longtime booster of HHS athletics, the award takes into account leadership, character, coachability, dedication, loyalty, work ethic, citizenship, responsibility, attitude and school conscientiousness.

In addition to the Rannells Award, the Richard Shackelford Athletic Memorial Award will be given to a student-athlete who displays the characteristics of great courage and spirit.

Outstanding Athlete awards go to 1 senior boy and 1 senior girl. The recipients of the Outstanding Athlete Awards are determined through use of a formula developed by Hampshire coaches years ago.

That calculation system includes points for sport participation and varsity letters.

Other school wide athletic awards to be given are:

Mighty Trojan Award for the athlete who displays a good attitude at all times and shows a willingness to learn

Scholar-Athlete Awards

Coach of the year award

Team Player awards to a male and female, sponsored by Valley Health

The Bud Nealis Award recognizes a community member who supports HHS athletics. Before the big awards, the head coaches present individual team honors and announce letter winners and participation certificates.

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