Rannells is ready for renovation, but construction sluggish so far

SUNRISE SUMMIT – After a jubilant weekend in late May where over 50 volunteers carved up sod to replace the infield on the baseball diamond, Rannells Field has sat stagnant. Construction on the renovation project was supposed to start on Monday, June 1, but a series of delays has pushed back the introduction of heavy machinery to Sunrise Summit. 

“The cause of delay was from issues completely out of our hands,” commented Athletic Director Trey Stewart. 

“It stems from the pandemic, which has affected every kind of business that exists in our world today. There were also some issues from rioting concerns at some of [Sprinturf’s] locations that stalled the process a little bit. Wet weather has also been an issue. So a combination of those 3 things has reconfigured the scheduled timetable.”

Sprinturf plans to be on site Thursday June 25, to shoot curb grades. On Friday, the crew should be on the sod and the stripping of Rannells Field will commence. As of right now the following is the projected schedule. Site and concrete work will range from June 25 to July 24. Asphalt milling and paving will start around July 20 and conclude by the end of the month. 

The turf and fence installation will start simultaneously on August 3 with both portions scheduled to be wrapped up by August 14.

“Once the turf installation is complete the field will be ready for games to be played,” Stewart asserted.  

The first home game for the 2020 fall sports season is a boy’s soccer match against Hedgesville on August 25. 

“We are playing this by ear, but that’s where we hope to be by then,” Stewart surmised. 

The final portion of the project, track surfacing is mapped out for August 17 – 31. o

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