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Youth Basketball Leagues


Late last week, the Governor directed that all interscholastic winter sports will be delayed until January 11. Because of that order, we will have to cancel our two youth basketball leagues, Biddy Buddy and the IBL, for this year. 

We tried, but the current spike in Covid cases, not only in Hampshire County but throughout the state, necessitated this move. We simply would not have the time nor the facilities to run the program at such a late date.

We rely on the good graces of the Hampshire County Board of Education for the use of their gyms in Romney and Capon Bridge for practices and games. 

Even if interscholastic and youth sports are permitted after January 11, and that’s certainly no sure thing, there’s still a myriad of problems that we, in cooperation with the BOE, would have to solve in order to hold the program. 

We have no idea what the status of the virus will be at that point, and we have even less of an idea of what restrictions will be placed on the school facilities. 

Since we use school gyms, school activities have first priority when it comes to their use. Plus, the schools have the added burden of cleaning and sanitizing their buildings on a regular basis. Our presence four or five days a week would only complicate that dilemma.

Thanks to everyone who registered for the two leagues. Ironically, our registrations were higher at this point than they have been for several years. 

We know you kids wanted to get out of the house and get some exercise playing a sport that you love, and we would like nothing better than to give you that opportunity, but the risks and problems are just too much to overcome. 

We look forward to having the two leagues again next year, and we are truly sorry that the situation worked out this way.  

Christmas Festival of Lights

Our eighth annual Christmas Festival of Lights will kick off with the Lighting Ceremony, which will be held on Saturday, November 28, at 5:00 p.m. at the amphitheater at Afton and Pauline Malick Central Hampshire Park in Augusta. The Festival will run through January 1 and will be open daily from 5:30 until 10:00 p.m. 

We will serve coffee, hot chocolate, and cookies free of charge to all who attend the Lighting Ceremony, and Santa will be there to greet the kids of all ages. 

And you kids need to remember to bring an ornament to help decorate the official Christmas Festival of Lights Christmas Tree. The highlight of the Lighting Ceremony will come at 5:30 when we light the giant Christmas tree in the field above the amphitheater. 

Through the generosity of the Hampshire County Commission, the HCP&R Board, and many businesses and individuals throughout the area, the Festival has exploded over the past seven years. 

We have grown from 24 light displays in 2013 to 225 displays this year. New features for 2020 include a four-foot extension to our giant Christmas tree in the field above the amphitheater, making it a 22-footer this year, and several large displays to ring the interior of the park.

Also, don’t forget about our great musical display. 

When you enter the park, simply tune your car or truck radio to a specific frequency and then watch our musical display flash to the beat of some of your favorite Christmas tunes, which will be playing through your radio. 

And the best part is that you can enjoy the lights from the warmth and comfort of your own vehicle free of charge. Mark your calendars right now so you don’t miss this special Christmas tradition.

Walk To Be Fit

Our Walk To Be Fit Program is over for another year. Thanks go out to all our faithful participants who make this program so successful. If you haven’t done it already, please turn in your tally sheets to one of our locations so we can gather them and tally your miles. 

If you have earned a reward for your efforts, we will be contacting you in the next few weeks. Just because Walk To Be Fit is over for the year, you don’t have to stop walking. There will still be plenty of warm fall days when you can get out and get some exercise, so take advantage of them.

New Conference Center at Hampshire Park

Work is progressing nicely on the new Conference Center at Hampshire Park. L&T Electric and D&D Plumbing have completed their preliminary work, and Blue Ridge Concrete Services poured and finished the concrete on the front porch and the interior of the building. Mark Roomsburg from Roomsburg Homes, LLC, has completed the framing, and Dave Watts has finished the preliminary work on the HVAC system.

The 6,600-square-foot Conference Center will be heated and air conditioned for year-round use and will be available for a variety of functions, including:

1. 4-H Camp

2. Weddings

3. Wedding Receptions

4. Baby Showers

5. Business Meetings

6. Business Conferences

7. Family Reunions

8. Birthday Parties

9. Retreats

10. Camps for Organizations

11. Anniversary Celebrations

12. Craft Shows

13. Class Reunions

14. Picnics

If you have questions about the project, or if you are interested in contributing to it, call HCP&R at 304-822-7300, or email us at o

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