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A full harvest moon hung low in the western Pennsylvania sky as a lopsided battle on the gridiron was drawing to a close when I witnessed a cowardly act of heartless violence.

A helpless and defenseless Hampshire freshman lay on the turf without a helmet as 2 Albert Gallatin assailants viciously attacked him while officials meandered slowly towards the fracas. Tragically for #22, severe damage had already been done by the time help arrived.

A concussion, the loss of hearing, swelling, bruises and multiple punctures across the face were some of the ungodly results of this malicious assault, a family member confirmed. The unprovoked attack featured multiple punches thrown by 2 Colonial players highlighted by #58 apparently using his helmet as a weapon and head-butting the defenseless Trojan.

Let’s not mince words because this incident took place on a football field; this was a violent crime on a defenseless minor.

I have analyzed the 15-second video clip of the assault like it was the Zapruder film and have made several observations on what took place.

The attack

HHS RB #22 took a handoff and ran to the right side of the line of scrimmage and was taken to the ground by a gang of Colonials. Upon being taken to the ground, #22’s helmet was removed by a Colonial who was finishing the tackle, and therefore the helmet coming off was a result of a “football play.”

On his back with 3 Colonials surrounding him, #22 put up his arms in defense realizing he was without head protection. At that moment AG #29 seemingly saw an opportunity to invoke physical pain and took advantage of it. With a referee within an arm’s length, #29 was able to shake #22 violently, slamming his head into the ground twice and throwing a punch before #72 of the Trojans stepped in and pulled him off the victim.

As #29 was being removed, #58 of AG body slammed the helpless Trojan, crushing his torso into the turf then using his helmet as a weapon, repeatedly head-butting #22 in the face.

The refs

The referee nearest to the melee was within arm’s length of the initial pile and completely failed in his responsibility to ensure player safety was a top priority. He simply froze in the moment and refused to intervene with any kind of physical interaction. It appeared he was more concerned about his physical well-being than the young man who was being brutally beaten.

Several folks have given the officiating crew a pass on the incident, giving them the benefit of the doubt because they were caught off guard by this horrific display of violence.

Not me. No free parking here in Carroll’s Corner. Go directly to jail, do not pass go, do not collect $200.

Their failure to act with any type of courage or urgency has left a young man to sit in darkness for days due to a brain injury that causes severe sensitivity to light.

After showing the video clip to several officials, they agreed with me and were shocked the officials did not act appropriately or with any kind of haste.

Looking forward

In 2020 Albert Gallatin is scheduled to journey to Hampshire County as the 2 teams signed a 2-year contract for a home-and-home series. In my books, that contract went null and void the instant a Colonial player clenched his fist and buried it into a helpless Hampshire player.

Then the agreement went through a shredder and tossed into a campfire with each blow from the Colonial helmet.

I don’t care about the circumstances, conditions, or whatever contract penalties might be incurred. That kind of crap is irrelevant.

I don’t welcome thugs into my home. Allowing the Colonials to step foot in West Virginia’s oldest county is a slap in the face of sportsmanship, morals, ethics and values. Get rid of the game; there is no debate.

Removing AG from the schedule would mean HHS needs to pick up another AAA opponent to remain playoff eligible in 2020, but that’s a risk we all should be willing to take.

Let’s get a traditional opponent back on the schedule. Hey, Hedgesville, you guys are 0-7 this year; how about you drop Fort Hill and we kick AG to the curb? Deal? Done.  o

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I went to the Allegany/AG game a few weeks ago. It was my first game since graduating from Allegany in 1993. The game was absurdly violent, with several Allegany players leaving the field with broken legs/ankles and another being carted off in an ambulance. For a while, they thought he was paralyzed. I don't know who runs the AG show, but they need their head checked.


I am an A.G. graduate and was there at the game. That was the most heinous act I've ever witnessed in a football game. I personally apologized to some of the Hampshire fans, probably family of players. My thoughts are there was obviously one bad apple, should you cut the tree down? Please don't blame the school, coaches or the fans for one disgruntled player. I've been to most of A.G. football home games for the past few seasons and I assure you that is not how we play. Thank you for listening. I will be praying for a full recovery for this young man.


Can you post the Video that you looked at so everyone else can Judge ??

an I am wondering if it was this bad why isn't the New's involved ??




again share the video an please go get a shower an a shave !!! I am guessing you are afraid A.G. is doing so well this year you have to put them down !!! ONE MORE TIME SHARE THE VIDEO !!! THANKS !!!!!!


Honestly? It's not up to you to analyze the video. It was removed to protect the privacy of the young man involved. Law enforcement is involved at this point so I'm sure there are things that can't be discussed or reported due to the ongoing investigation. Your words "go get a shower and a shave" - just shows your own ignorance. Safe to assume you aren't from Hampshire County and also safe to assume you don't care at all about the well being of our player that was assaulted.


It is the job of any citizen to verify that the information they read is correct. There is nothing wrong with trying to find out what happened from a source that is not biased.


Thank you for this article. This was very well said . The victim was a close family member to me. As far as people asking to post the video I just want to let you know this article is correct of the incident. I don’t feel the video needs to be circulating for everyone to view. This was a violent act on a minor and the minor needs privacy and time to heal. This violent act was uncalled for and never should of took place to begin with. All people need to be doing now is wishing the victim a speedy recovery.


I’m currently a student at AG and i’m a sophomore and what happened at the game should have never happened it was completely uncalled for and malicious for AG players to do this to that poor boy


The video I have seen shows a very different story


To the AG student comment it’s not the job of the citizens to verify information. That job is being left up to the police department and any officials in charge.What we can do as citizens is hope this kind of act never happens again just pray for a speedy recovery .Shallyn # 22 thank you and I totally agree.

AG Football Fann

Complete uncalled for I agree. I find some of the description of events written in a way to ignite feelings of anger.

I don’t understand why this is necessary. You have a young athlete dealing with physical issues as a result. This is terrible. You have juveniles being disciplined by administrators and other things that you’re not aware.

Using words like “crushed” and referring to the age of your county in your writing I find inappropriate.

Not from Hampshire

I have seen the video, I have read the article, and I have pondered the two. The description given is pretty darned accurate. This is felonious assault. I said it. If it was your kid that was injured, you know you would put up a fight against the animals that hurt your kid. Who wouldn't? Don't defend the bad actions of bullies.

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