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Social media isn’t the problem. 

You’re the problem. Social media is nothing more than a reflection of people’s beliefs. 

Delete people from Twitter and Facebook, and social media becomes innocent.

So what is the key to happiness on social media? Hit mute. 

Just like those Progressive commercials, “Don’t become your parents,” let me coach you on the power of Mute. 

“But Nick, I don’t have a mute button!”

We all have mute buttons, Edna.

In fact, I mute people all the time. There is a good chance you’re on mute right now. My Facebook and Twitter feeds are clean. If you’re not positive, you’re on Mute. 

How do you earn your way to the Mute List?

It’s simple. 

Post a meme about Fake News? Mute.

Trump meme? Mute. 

Blast Biden? Mute. 

Blame ANTIFA & QANON? Mute. 

Insult the Donkey or the Elephant? Mute. 

Photos of you tongue kissing your “boo”? Mute.

Whining about wearing a mask? Mute.

Whining about those not wearing a mask? Mute. 

I don’t invite negativity into my life and those who attempt to inject destructive beliefs into my environment are silenced upon entrance.

I suggest you do the same. 

Quit blaming Zuckerberg because your friends are toxic. Twitter and Facebook were not invented so groups like Black Lives Matter can organize to burn down the local Wendy’s or for shirtless dudes wearing Viking horns to breach the Capitol.  

Believe it or not, my Facebook and Twitter feeds were filled with positives this past week. For example: 

A family purchased a new weimaraner puppy.

A Ravens fan boasted about beating the Titans.

The Special Olympics of West Virginia posted their weekly schedule.

A young lady proudly showed off the trout she caught.

A timeline for winter sports was announced.

A photographer posted a picture of Dolly Sods at sunset.

A group of seniors received their vaccination shots.

A high school wrestling team from 20 years ago was remembered. 

A nervous man proposed to his fiancé. 

A kitten buried himself under the blankets.

A BBQ beef brisket was stolen and eaten by the family pet.

A Trojan student-athlete overcame cancer.

If your timeline reads anything different than mine and you want to get rid of the negativity in your life in 2021, here is my suggestion: Hit Mute. ο

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