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Jimbo Williams, Robie Clower, Travis Clower, Myron Whetzel, David Cannon and Jason Whetzel pose for a picture in front of Advanced Auto last week. 

ROMNEY – Although sports have been stuck in pit row, local racetracks have started to gear up for the 2020 season and Travis Clower and his team were ready to roll this past weekend. Travis took his A-modified red racer to Hagerstown Speedway on Saturday to get some practice time behind the wheel before the race season goes green. 

Before heading to Maryland, Travis and his crew were showing off the #20 car at Advanced Auto Parts last week.

“Racing is something I am passionate about, my goal for racing would be being able to compete at the national level,” said Clower. 

The former EMU basketball standout has some experience behind the wheel as he began driving at a young age. 

“I started racing go-karts when I was 7,” explained Clower. 

Travis raced for about 8 years then put his career behind the wheel on hold to focus on playing basketball year round.  

“My dad bought this car for me last year, so this will be my second year racing cars,” said Clower. 

Although fans were not yet permitted to attend the practice event on Saturday, the place was packed with teams and cars trying to get back on the track. 

“I’m a super competitive person, so I would say the best part about being on the track would be competing with the other drivers. Also, it gets exciting running 85-mph down the straightaway and then trying to make a turn,” Clower chuckled.

Part of the commitment in terms of racing is gaining sponsorships.

“As many people know, racing is expensive. Sponsorships are extremely important. I wouldn’t be able to race without the support of my sponsors. I feel sponsorships are a win-win for both sides. For us it allows us to be financially able to race and for the sponsor it is advertisement.”

Some of the sponsorships Clower has gained for the 2020 season include Romney Sports Connection, Judys Mobile Homes, Lost Mountain BBQ, Romney Diner, Advanced Auto Parts, RCT Clower LLC , Jolin Concrete, Farmer’s Daughter Market and Butcher, DHC Construction, Big Anchor Campground, Marco Tools, Nathan Peters and Autism Awareness.

While sponsorships provide the necessary finances to race, nothing would be possible without the strong support of his family.

“I just want to thank my family my wife (Allyson Clower) my mom (Angie Clower), dad (Robie Clower), Jim William (crew chief) and Grandad (Roy Clower) for all the support and contributions they’ve made, I couldn’t do anything without them.” 

Travis will be back on the track and racing at Elkins Raceway this weekend. o

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