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Is No News Really Good News?

Did you see the front page of the Moorefield Examiner last week? 

Neither did I because NOTHING was on the cover. Well, nothing was on the front page except a blank template with the words “Is No News Really Good News?”

No?! So how about y’all publish some?  

Let me ask a question to my diehard sports constituents. 

“Is No Local Sports Really Good Local Sports?”










Instead of making frivolous “bold” statements about the lack of support of local journalism, in the words of Bill Belichick, “Do your job.”   

Blanking a page is a gimmick, and that’s something small town newspapers with loyal followers should never do. 

Believe me, I appreciate every single one of my readers paying coins for my weekly thoughts. 

Like’em or not, you deserve my efforts to provide accurate opinions. For example: 

– Bob Huggins will finish his career as the best coach to never win a championship 

– WVU should leave the Big 12

– Pennsylvania pepperoni rolls are tastier than West Virginia’s

– Satellites are not deer stands

– Tudors Biscuit World is grossly overrated 

– Drivers from Virginia and Maryland are superior

– Country Roads is overplayed and written about Western Virginia, not W.Va.  

– Hampshire is mispronounced, so is Cacapon and Rio

– Invest stock this summer in car washes, cicadas are good for business

– Your iPhone doesn’t need a camouflage skin, it’s hard enough to find.

– The number of people in your house should be greater than the number of non-running vehicles in your yard

– The “Do it for Baby Dog” giveaway is dumb. Free guns for a vaccine?  Doesn’t EVERYONE in West Virginia already own a gun? Let’s just hope the free gun shoots a little straighter than Fauci’s emails.  (How not to become your parents. Now Tony, let me show you how to delete an e-mail.)

– Weather here is often referred to as extreme. That’s wrong. Weather here is similar to salsa. Mild winters, medium springs, hot summers and thick n’ chunky falls. More accurately, the weather has a variety of differences, not extremes. 

– There is a better chance of Brett Favre making a comeback than Coal 

The bullet points listed above are all facts, and you the reader deserve the chance to be informed of your misguided views. (Tongue in cheek)

But seriously folks, local journalism succeeded in the past and will continue to succeed in the future because of the tight-knit relationships reporters have with their community. 

I have thoughts and opinions on everything sports related in this region and do my best to shine a bright spotlight on those athletes who deserve recognition for their hard work and performance.

Here’s a tip for the Moorefield Examiner, save the gimmicks for the National Enquirer. ο

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