Ambrielle Odom

Ambrielle Odom finished in 1st place in the 200-yard freestyle. 

ROMNEY – Under new lighting and ventilation, the Trojan swim team was busy swimming laps at the renovated pool on campus of the West Virginia Schools for the Deaf and Blind. 

 A total of 8 Trojan paddlers were at practice last Thursday working on their conditioning for Saturday’s meet in Shepherd.

“We are working on endurance,” said swim coach Lisa Lease.

“Even the cross country kids that come in are working on endurance because it’s a different kind of endurance.”

One of the biggest benefits of having a newly renovated pool for practice is the long-term benefits, according to Coach Lease.

“I’m hoping that there are no more issues that will interrupt our schedule and I think we should be good now.”

Prior to their 1st meet of the season the attitude of the team was filled with pure excitement.

“These kids are coming in very focused, especially the returning ones,” explained Lease.

“The new ones are kind of feeling out their way, but all of them are very competitive.”

After the dual meet on Saturday, Coach Lease was very pleased from what she saw from her team, especially the girls who were able to beat Hedgesville and Saint Maria Goretti. 

Results from the Dual Meet on Saturday, Nov. 13


Musselman 35Hampshire 15

Hedgesville 46Hampshire 8

Goretti 20Hampshire 13


Musselman 40Hampshire 30

Hampshire 33Hedgesville 10

Hampshire 33Goretti 5

Individual Results Girls

200-yard freestyle: 1st Ambrielle Odom (2:48.16), 2nd Delaney McNelis (3:12.72)

50-yard freestyle: 1st Taylor Kirk (31:32), 2nd Ambrielle Odom (33:27)

100-yard freestyle: 1st Taylor Kirk (1:11.35), 4th Addisyn Gamber (1:28.02)

200-yard freestyle relay: 1st Hampshire – Addisyn Gamber, Delaney McNelis, Ambrielle Odom, Taylor Kirk (2:20.12)

400-yard freestyle relay: 1st Hampshire – Addisyn Gamber, Delaney McNelis, Ambrielle Odom, Taylor Kirk (5:27.42)

Individual Results Boys

50-yard freestyle: 2nd Trent Lupton (27:48), 5th Ryan Quick (32.60)

100-yard backstroke: 1st Trent Lupton (1:16.89)

100-yard breaststroke: 3rd Ryan Quick (1:34.67). o

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