Jacob Staub

Jacob Staub gets taken to the ground by a gang of Golden Tornado defenders. 

The Golden Tornado leaves a path of destruction winning 62-0  

SUNRISE SUMMIT — If the game ended on Friday night after 1 play, then Hampshire would have outplayed Keyser. That’s right. After 1 play, Hampshire was able to catch the Golden Tornado napping as kicker Christian Hicks executed a beautiful onside kick that was recovered by the Trojans.

“We felt good about it,” said Hampshire Coach Aaron Rule on why his team decided to start the game with the peculiar call.

“When we recovered it, there was a lot of emotion on the sideline and we were really excited about that.”

While the Trojan sidelines were ecstatic with the call, the same could not be said for the Keyser sidelines.

Although the onside kick appeared to catch Keyser off guard, Coach Sean Biser stated its something his team worked on beforehand.

“We prepared for that exact scenario and Hampshire did a nice job executing the kick,” said Biser.  “It’s definitely something we will be dedicating time in practice on.”

Perhaps the reason Coach Biser can spend time in practice with his onside kick return team is because the rest of his squad is running better than Usain Bolt in a Ferrari.

It didn’t take long for Keyser to change the momentum as the defense quickly picked off a pass two plays later from Trojan QB Alex Hott and after 2 offensive plays Keyser was in the endzone on a Caden Biser 31-yard scamper.

The rest of the game it was all Keyser, all the time as they scored early and often.

Before the 1st quarter horn sounded, Aaron Lyons, Caden Biser, Ryan Shoemaker, and Gavin Root all added touchdowns to give the Golden Tornado a 36-0 lead.

The beatings continued as Tristin Fox picked off a pass and ran it 25 yards into the endzone to start the 2nd quarter, then Fox made another appearance in the endzone 40 seconds later after Hampshire muffed a catch on the kickoff return which was recovered by Keyser.

Shoemaker tossed his 2nd touchdown of the day to Aaron Lyons with 10:47 left in the 2nd quarter to make it 56-0 Keyser.

The Golden Tornado dominated both sides of the line of scrimmage pushing around Trojans with regularity. The chemistry and physicality of the Keyser offensive line was like watching bulldozers race on a golf course with several paths of destruction leading to paydirt.

So what are the key ingredients that make this hog unit elite?

“Really it’s the work they put in together in the off season, plus they are a very tight-knit group,” explained Coach Biser.

“We have a solid group of starters and back ups that push each other in practice on a daily basis and continually try to improve. Dalton, Don, Adam, Gabe, Shawn and Philip understand it all starts upfront.”

Statistically for Hampshire it was the 2nd game in 2 weeks where they were shutout on the scoreboard and finished with negative rushing yards (-47 vs. Mountain Ridge, -31 vs. Keyser).

“Our health is the problem with our running game,” said Coach Rule. “The running backs are banged up and we got young guys in there.”

Besides the onside kick, QB Alex Hott showed signs of potential as he escaped the game without getting sacked and throwing for 139 yards on 12 completions. Christian Hicks hauled in 2 passes for 47 yards while Bryan Armstrong caught 3 passes for 46 yards. Trevor Sardo caught 5 passes and Jacob Whelan hauled in 2.  o

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