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We have two new members of the Santa Club who donated $1,000 each to the Christmas Festival of Lights Fund Drive, but both donations were made anonymously in memory of loved ones. The first is in memory of Heath Kline and Bobby Hott, and the second is in remembrance of Elson “Buck” See. To date, eleven different donors have contributed $4,000 to the Fund Drive. Coupled with the $5,000 pledge from the Hampshire County Parks and Recreation Board, we are well on our way to reaching or exceeding our $10,000 goal with two weeks remaining.

The Hampshire County Commission and the Parks and Recreation Board have made significant contributions, both monetary and maintenance, in support of the Festival, and both are committed to supporting it in the future. But we also want to give the individual citizens and the business community of Hampshire County the opportunity to show their support for the project so we can truly make the Festival something that we can all be proud of.

In that vein, we are kicking off our seventh annual Christmas Festival of Lights Fund Drive. Our goal is to raise enough money to purchase additional displays so we can light up the area above the amphitheater and the middle of the park, to add an additional 4-foot section to our giant Christmas tree, and to make necessary repairs to the existing displays. Contributors will be listed in the following categories:

Santa Club- This category will include all individuals and businesses that contribute $1,000 or more. Their names will be listed on professionally prepared placards on a lighted board that will be displayed on the back of the amphitheater where everyone visiting the Festival will see it. We will also put an individual picture of each Santa Club member in the Hampshire Review.

Santa’s Helpers- This category will include those who contribute $500. Their names will be listed on professionally prepared placards on another lighted board on the back of the amphitheater.

Elves- These will include those who contribute $250. They will be listed on smaller placards farther down the second lighted board.

Reindeer- This category will include all those who contribute up to $100. They will be listed on smaller placards farther down the second lighted board.

Contributions may be mailed to HCP&R, P.O. Box 213, Romney, WV 26757, or delivered to the HCP&R Office at 90 North High Street any weekday between 9:00 and 1:00. If you’d like us to pick up your contribution, give us a call at (304) 822-7300, or email us at, and we’ll make the necessary arrangements to come and get your donation at your home or place of business. Thank you for your support of this project!



New Conference Center at Hampshire Park

Work is steadily progressing on the new Conference Center at Hampshire Park. Financing has been secured from FNB Bank, and bids are being sought for floor plans, electrical plans, and plumbing plans for the interior. Once we have those plans in hand, work will begin in earnest on the interior of the building.

The 6,600-square-foot conference center will be heated and air conditioned for year-round use and will be available for a variety of functions, including:

  1. 4-H Camp
  1. Weddings
  2. Wedding Receptions
  3. Business Meetings
  4. Business Conferences
  5. Family Reunions
  6. Birthday Parties
  7. Baby Showers
  8. Retreats
  9. Camps for Organizations
  10. Anniversary Celebrations
  11. Craft Shows
  12. Class Reunions
  13. Holiday Celebrations
  14. Picnics

If you have questions about the project, or if you are interested in contributing to it, call HCP&R at (304) 822-7300, or email us at

Rentals at Old Capon Bridge Middle School

Two years ago, HCP&R entered into an agreement with the Hampshire County Board of Education to lease the gym, cafeteria, and five classrooms at Old Capon Bridge Middle School. Since then we have spent considerable time and money on improvements to the facility. Those improvements include new floor tiles in the boys’ dressing room, re-finishing the gymnasium floor, installing new LED lights in the gym and a single switch on the wall to turn them on, installing new floor and ceiling tiles in the cafeteria, painting the cafeteria, purchasing enough tables and chairs to accommodate 164 people in the cafeteria, purchasing new appliances for the home economics room, installing a new door and a keypad lock on the main entrance to the gym, employing a cleaning service to clean the entire facility, and installing a surveillance system for both the gym and the cafeteria.

The HCP&R Board has worked hard to make OCBMS a first-class facility that we can now offer to the public. If you would like to reserve the gym for basketball, volleyball, birthday parties, or any other indoor activity, it is now available for rent at $30 per hour. If you would like to rent the cafeteria and the home economics room, which has a refrigerator, two stoves, ample counter space, and one sink, those two are available for one price of $40 per hour. The cafeteria is perfect for meetings, reunions, receptions, and community gatherings. All proceeds from rentals will be used to make necessary upgrades to the OCBMS facility as needs arise.

To rent these facilities, call us at (304) 822-7300, or email us at Get your reservation in now so you don’t miss this chance to hold your event in our newly renovated facilities.

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