Hampshire Trojan Box Office Tickets

Log on to HampshireTrojans.com and click Ticketing. When you arrive at the page shown below, click the Get Tickets button for the game you would like to attend. You will then be directed to the purchase page where you can select the number of tickets and checkout. You will receive a receipt which can be printed or saved to your phone with a QR code

HHS goes 100% online

SUNRISE SUMMIT - The return of sports officially started today, March 3, and the Hampshire High School athletic department has undertaken some upgrades to face the upcoming winter and spring seasons with social distancing and safety remaining a top priority. 

The installation of a Pixellot camera in the gymnasium was a welcome addition to Trojan athletics, giving people an opportunity to watch home games streaming online (see “Install, roll camera, action” in the Feb. 10 edition of Sports).  

Perhaps the biggest change and upgrade to the Trojan athletic department will be the ticketing process.

From this point forward, all tickets for all home games will be sold online, 100% of the time.

“When we received the green light from WV and the health department approving 25 percent capacity, I thought it was my responsibility to make that happen,” said HHS athletic director Trey Stewart.

One of the difficulties of maintaining appropriate social distancing was the ticketing process. 

Simply stated, removing the ability to purchase tickets with cash at the door lessens the chance of spreading the virus. 

“I think it’s the best thing for the community, for all parties to move forward the safest we can,” said Stewart.

HHS home game tickets will now be sold online through the website HampshireTrojans.com.

The site officially opened on Tuesday, March 2 for winter sports, including girls basketball, boys basketball and wrestling. 

Right now the HHS gym will be operating at 25 percent capacity, therefore a priority list of attendees has been created.

The top priority will be given to household members and family. 

“Our parents, grandparents and household members will receive a code to provide permission to purchase tickets early,” explained Stewart. 

Each household will have the opportunity to purchase up to 6 tickets and those tickets will typically go on sale 7 days in advance. 

The next priority will be given to visiting fans, who will also receive a code to purchase tickets.

The 3rd priority group is the Hampshire Havoc student section.   

“We are withholding 50 tickets for the student body,” said Stewart. 

The remaining tickets will be open to the public for purchase.  

“Twenty-four hours prior to the game, the general public will have an opportunity to purchase tickets for admission,” said Stewart.

There are no restrictions when using standard debit and credit cards, as tickets will be sold on a game-by-game basis. 

The process is pretty simple for anyone who has purchased tickets online before.  

“People will go to HampshireTrojans.com and there is a tab on the middle top of the screen, and that tab will take you to the link to purchase tickets,” said Stewart. 

“Select the game you wish to purchase tickets to, then enter your passcode (if you have one) and the number of tickets you are purchasing, then follow the steps on the checkout process.”  

When the process is completed, you can print out a hard copy of your ticket to get scanned at the gate or you can have the ticket on your smart phone using the QR code at the entrance. 

“Just make sure your brightness setting is turned up when using the QR code phone option,” suggested Stewart. “As far as the seating is concerned, we will continue to social distance the best we can around the gym.” ο

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