1980 Swimming Olympics

50 years ago

Hampshire’s season opener was quite a disappointment as Clarke County’s Eagles chalked up 32 to the Trojan’s 6. Hampshire’s football squad and fans journeyed to Clarke County on September 4 and drew their first touchdown of the season on a reverse pass play from Tom Stump to Terry Fuller in the first half. Hampshire was keeping things under control for the first half, but the Eagles came back super-charged for the rest of the game; their Leon Burns rushed for 144 yards in 13 carries and scored touchdowns on runs of 51 and 57 yards. As for Hampshire, Bryan Swisher and Larry Fuller played very good football defensively and Darrell Herron did a great job on the offense.

40 years ago

Hampshire knocked at the door all night, but they couldn’t get into the end zone until late in the game as the Trojans scored 2 touchdowns in the 4th quarter to down Valley 12-0. An 8 yard pass from Kevin Malick to tight end Darrin Peters with just over 6 minutes to play put the Trojans on top 6-0 and defensive tackle Dave Riggleman minutes later intercepted a Jeff Johnson attempted screen pass from 13 yards out to tack on the final score. Both extra point kicks failed.

30 years ago

With just 1 returning starter and 2 other lettermen coming back, Coach Lyndon Willis will be in a position of starting his program nearly from scratch as he begins his 4th year at the helm of the Hampshire girls’ basketball team. “Basically,” says Coach Willis, “as the sophomores go, our team will go. They still have a ways to go. Right now they’re scoring more off offensive rebounds, which really helps. But they need to get more shots out of the flow of our offense. If they can come around defensively, too, then we could develop into a very competitive team.”

20 years ago

It was a sportswriter’s nightmare. Any attempt to describe agonizing minutes of scoreless action and lack of climactic turning points would be in vain. Call it a defensive struggle. Call it offensive futility. Call it a Herculean effort by both defenses. Let’s just call it a Hampshire win. With the victory, the Hampshire Trojans start the season 3-0 for the 1st time in over a decade. Although the Knights tried everything they could do to present it. After employing a 5-2 defensive set for its 1st 2 games of the year, Preston changed its sets for the match-up with the Trojans.

10 years ago

The Golden Tornado didn’t pose much more threat than a gilded breeze for Hampshire High’s volleyball team in their opening match Thursday night. The Trojans overpowered their hosts 25-10, 25-17 and 25-18. “A win’s always good,” Coach Megan Fuller said afterward. “No matter who you play, you’re always nervous — especially when it’s on the road.” With middle hitter Emily Fessler and top server Brooke Hott sidelined, the Trojans got a lift from several directions. Senior Lyndsay Whetzel took control in the middle and tiny Jenna Westfall made a big impact as the left hitter

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