Trojan Spikers struggle in the Eastern Panhandle

SUNRISE SUMMIT – Chalk up the losses in the Eastern Panhandle last week to early season woes. The Trojans enter this week with a (2-3) overall record having knocked off Washington 2-0 (25-12, 25-17) with losses to Martinsburg 3-0 (25-17, 25-13, 25-11), Spring Mills 2-0 (27-25, 25-20) and Jefferson 2-1 (24-26, 25-23, 15-9). 

While the expectations remain high for this team, the early season struggles might be just what this team needs to get refocused and find their rhythm on the court. Coach Megan Fuller was quick to point out the high level of competition the Trojans faced while admitting some glaring areas for improvement.

“These teams are very talented,” said Fuller.

“However, we are struggling with our chemistry right now.  We are getting in our own way more than anything else right now.  We are struggling to pass driven balls and not scoring with our serve the way I would like.”  

Coach Fuller noted that perhaps some of the blame should be placed on her shoulders because she was absent during the preseason due to having a baby, but the communication is still an area that needs improvement. 

“We just need more communication and to be a step quicker,” said Fuller.

“We aren’t quite comfortable with the people playing alongside each other just yet.  We are waiting to see what teammates are going to do before we react but that will improve.”

 One of the standout players from last week was senior Renee Killough who continued to be a standout on the hardwood.

“Renee puts up well-rounded numbers in every game and continues to be our go-to on both offense and defense,” praised Coach Fuller.

The Trojans were supposed to be back in action today, Wednesday Sept. 16 against Berkeley Springs, however, that match has been postponed. Therefore, the spikers will have a long layoff until their next match, which will be a tri-match at Washington High School on Tuesday, Sept. 22. o

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