Trey Stewart construction

Shamus Petrucelli of Sprinturf meets with Trey Stewart to do a survey and collect data. 

SUNRISE SUMMIT – The excitement is starting to bubble at Rannells Field as measures are taking place for construction of a new rubberized track and synthetic turf to begin in the near future.

Last week a survey crew visited Sunrise Summit to collect measurements for the optimum layout of the field.

Hampshire High athletic director Trey Stewart shed some light on the specifics.

“Right now, they are collecting real data for the field in relation to where the track has to go,” described Stewart. 

The track will govern everything in terms of layout. So what does that mean? 

Essentially, the turf oval will be shifted a little bit closer to the home stands and a few feet closer to the high school. Nothing drastic, but still mandatory when undergoing a construction project of this magnitude that demands accuracy down to the millimeter. 

After the data is collected, numbers will be compiled and figures will be sent to Sprinturf for them to design out the next steps. Once Sprinturf has figured out the best field and track layout based on the data, it will be reviewed and approved by Stewart for the project to move forward. 

Another idea Stewart had in mind before construction is underway on June 1 was to try to repurpose both the sod for the baseball field and the fence for the practice soccer field, also known as ‘Soldier Field.’ 

The proposal was sent to the school board Monday evening, and they approved the repurpose project for both the sod and fence after May 29, so that seniors would still have an opportunity to get pictures on the field. 

The repurposing project is permitted to start on Saturday, May 30. 

On Monday, June 1, the beginning stages of the construction will fire up. 

So what happens first on June 1? 

“Getting the dirt off the football field and removing the asphalt track,” Stewart summarized. o

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