Not all schools report perfect and faithful attendance. Here are those that did. 

Romney Middle School

Perfect Attendance

8th grade: Caden Davis, Noah Lipps, Caleb Vandevander

7th grade: Lydia Moreland, Hayden Pyles, Bodie Stankwich, Ace Thompson, Shane Woodworth

6th grade: Blane Billmeyer, Matthew Davis Jr., Landen Jones, Zachary Pyles.

Capon Bridge Elementary

Perfect attendance

2nd grade: Layton Lewis

3rd grade: Evan Williams

4th grade: Sheyanne Mason

5th grade: Evalette Lease, Logan Mason, Donald Schapley Jr., Makenzie Swisher

Romney Elementary

Perfect Attendance

Kindergarten: Deacon Delaplain

1st grade: Brennon Baker, Deliah Ginevan

3rd grade: Brody Harmon

4th grade: Charly Ashton

5th grade: Jillian Thomas, Tucker Twigg

Springfield-Green Spring Elementary

Perfect attendance

Pre-k: Joseph McBride

1st grade: Eva Amrhine

2nd grade: Branson Frye, Brett Ritz

4th grade: Rylee Koontz

5th: grade: Brenden Carder

Faithful attendance

Pre-k: Lilly Heavner, Silas Ledford, Serenity McAteer, Zane Myers

Kindergarten: Camden Bohon, Ziva Dillinger, Sadie Fields, Nicholas Imperio, Casidee Mauck

1st grade: Colt Barker, Kaylee Bidinger, Justice Crites, Charlie Frye, Gregory McBride

2nd grade: Olivia Campbell, Bradley Deurr, Gage Fields, Evan Ritz

3rd grade: Emmanuel Arellano, Blake Arnold, Liberty Crites, Nikolai Doll, Bockious Heavner, Ireland Heavner, Jayden McDonald, Zaiden Meadows, Bristal Messick, Claire Milleson

4th grade: Josie Barr, Bobby Cooksey, Tori Garland, Joseph Lahman, Zachary Malcolm

5th grade: Olivia Blaylock, Kaitlyn Calhoun, Brianna Cosner, Gracie Gonzales, Claire Hibbs, Ethan Hoffman, Carson Largent, Marcus McBride o

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