CAPON BRIDGE — During such an unusual and challenging year, CBMS wants to make sure to end 2020 with our students with encouragement, spirit and heart. Tapping into our wide array of trainings, strengths and passion for learning, the CBMS team strives to help our students thrive in the midst of this uncharted territory.

The 8th grade team has been dedicated to creating virtual video lessons, along with live learning opportunities that students can access at any time to dig into their learning. Mrs. Whitacre’s students had a chance to capture the snow day fun with a snowball lab—another great example that learning opportunities really are all around us.

The 7th grade team is pulling out all the stops with not only video lessons, but making appointments on Teams for any students that may need a conference or 1-on-1 assistance with assignments/activities. Mr. Everson’s daily schedule capitalizes every minute of each day. Behind his classroom door is his very own “recording studio” with a lamp, camera and whiteboard to check-in with students and to guide them through vital steps of lessons to help them to be successful. Students also get to have competitions in academic review games in science with Mrs. Evans and in math with Mrs. Hibbard. Miss McCormick has also been working with her students in ELA to create a virtual play adaptation of “The Christmas Carol” with students getting into character with backgrounds, props and costumes that they created from within their own home (and even backyard).

In 6th grade, teachers have been working closely with some truly hardworking students with a variety of creative assignments, including researching winter holidays around the world in Mr. Szabo’s class. The 6th grade also follows the daily school schedule for Teams meetings to teach and assist student needs, as well as check in with how they are doing by really owning the Capturing Kids’ Hearts program by asking about the Good Things going on for our students.

Our Related Arts team has really pushed to be creative and interactive with their activities by having students submit videos of practice for band, hosting a live-stream of staff-modeled tournaments (when Hampshire County was not in the red for COVID), and Mr. Anderson sharing his digital art capabilities by creating a holiday staff greeting e-card.

CBMS appreciates everyone’s hard work, creativity and spirit during the 2020 year and we cannot wait to make the most of the upcoming New Year. Happy Holidays!

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