Mrs. Morgan began teaching in Hampshire County in 2000. She was a reading specialist at John J. Cornwell for 2 years, then spent the rest of her career at Augusta Elementary, teaching 5th Grade. She earned the title of Augusta’s Teacher of the Year for the 2017-2018 school year, and went on to earn that title at the Hampshire County level in 2018. 

Mrs. Morgan was a faithful asset to Augusta Elementary through her caring nature with students, high expectations and her collaboration with staff that she pushed to excel. Stacey loved life, traveling, and making memories. She encouraged everyone to make memories with family and friends, and shared the motto, “don’t let the grass grow beneath your feet.”

Due to Mrs. Morgan’s excellence in character, loyal citizenship, and academic leadership at Augusta Elementary, this distinguished award was created in her memory at her passing on April 25, 2019.

Students who earn this award possess excellent moral character, practice faithful citizenship, and excel academically throughout their entire elementary school career. Recipients are presented with this honor at their 5th grade graduation.

This award was first presented in May of 2019 to then 4th grader, Eva Eglinger, and graduating 5th grader, Holly Barnes. This year’s award was earned by Kade Suddath, and was presented to him and his family on May 26 at Augusta Elementary School’s 5th Grade Grab and Go Graduation.

2019 - Eva Eglinger – Eva has always been a positive role model in the school building. Miss Eglinger takes care of her peers, and has always stood up for those who need someone to fight for them. Eva always does what is right, even if that’s not what the crowd is doing. She is genuine and kind hearted. She has consistently earned 4.0 honor roll status over the years, has shown respect to the adults she has worked with and has always strived to do her best. Eva has participated in the Social Studies Fair, and been on the Pumpkin Race Team, LEGO League Team, Track and Field Team, Girls on the Run Team and Math Field Day Team.

2019 - Holly Barnes – Holly is a student who has always been found with a smile on her face. She is loyal and sticks up for her friends. There have been times that Holly voluntarily gave up her free time to help a friend reach an A.R. Goal, or assist them with homework. Holly has always been a student who had a desire to help out wherever she could, and always had a kind demeanor. She performed well in class, worked hard and has always been very successful, academically.

2020 - Kade Suddath – Kade is a well-rounded, caring and bright young man. He deeply cares about people. Mr. Suddath has always worked hard at everything he is part of. He has an extremely strong work ethic, and that has allowed him to consistently earn himself a spot on the 4.0 Honor Roll. Kade has a great ability to see when someone is in need and step up for them. Mr. Suddath has always been eager to lend a helping hand wherever he could. He has always done what is right, whether or not anyone was looking, without ever wanting recognition for his good deeds. Kade has an extremely kind heart, and knows the importance of building relationships, and letting people know that he cares. He is known over the years at Augusta Elementary for starting each morning with giving his teachers a big hug, asking how they are doing, and having a conversation with them before getting the day started. Kade has always been able to work well with his peers. His calm demeanor has helped create a positive atmosphere for friendship and collaboration. 

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