Pictured from left to right: Caleb Cannon, Hennesee Michals, Maddie Dow, Maggie Odom and Maggie Slocum

Each team consisted of up to 4 students and a manager. Students from HHS included Caleb Cannon, Maddie Dow, Hennessee Michals and Maggie Odom. Maggie Slocum served as the team manager to keep the team on track. Student Trinity Kline traveled with the team to assist as needed.

Students had 1 hour to prepare a 3-course meal with the aid of only 2 gas-powered burners. The team from HHS prepared a raspberry almond salad with homemade vinaigrette, Chicken Marsala with garlic-mashed potatoes and steamed asparagus and a berry cobbler for dessert.

Students were judged on a variety of skills including proper safety and sanitation, knife skills, time management, menu presentation and taste and presentation of the finished dishes.

Although the team from HHS didn’t place, the students learned from the experience and enjoyed their time at the completion.

“I’m extremely proud of these students. It was our first time attempting to compete at this level, and the students finished with about a minute to spare in the competition. They worked well under pressure and remembered proper sanitation and safety at all times,” instructor Julie Landis said.

ProStart is a 2-year culinary arts program taught at the high school. The program regularly prepares food for events at the high school and the community. Many of the students are employed in the food service industry.

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