SUNRISE SUMMIT — Mountaineer Food Bank is having their Mobile Food Pantry at Hampshire High School on June 18 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

John Mazzeo with the Romney Food Pantry said that he’s thankful that Mountaineer has put this together.

“They’ve been doing this around the state in order to help out some of the areas where pantries may have been closed,” he explained. “We at Romney Food Pantry have been closed for the last 2 months.”

Mazzeo’s explanation for the Romney closure leans on the fact that both the volunteer and client demographics land in the high-risk category for COVID-19.

“Many of them have got preexisting conditions, which puts them in a very dangerous mode,” Mazzeo added. “It’s a double-whammy.”

At the Romney Food Pantry, Mazzeo said that they gave a minimal-contact system a go, but it didn’t work out as well as they had hoped.

“We had very mixed results,” he said. “We were trying to do a pass-out of food where there was a minimal amount of contact, but it’s hard to do that and get the necessary information from the clients.”

Mountaineer Food Bank, however, is the largest emergency food provider in West Virginia; they distribute over 16.7 million pounds of food every year.

The mobile pantry provides food and other necessary household items to over 450 feeding programs in 48 counties of the state; among these programs are senior programs, soup kitchens, backpack programs and mobile pantry operations like the one scheduled for June 18 at HHS.

It will be a drive-through setup, where folks stay in their cars and Mountaineer volunteers will pack each car. Folks who attend this food giveaway will be required to stay in their cars and make sure there is room in the truck of their vehicle for food boxes. Social distancing guidelines will be followed and there will be minimal contact.

Before their Hampshire County mobile food panty, Mountaineer Food Bank will be having a food giveaway in Jefferson on June 16 and will head to Berkeley County for a giveaway on June 25.

For more information, see Mountaineer Food Bank’s Facebook page. o

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