Math Field Day

9th grade winners.

4th grade

1, Lila Eversole, CBES. 2, Zachary Russell, SES. 3, Branson Kline, AES. Alternates: Kody Phelps, RES; Skyler Wotring, SGES.

5th grade

1, Donald Schapley, CBES. 2, Aiden Whitacre, CBES. 3, Olivia Nichols, RES. Alternates: Mason Slade, CBES; Shahin Watson, CBES.

6th grade

1, Alfred Foster, RMS. 2, Leo Kidwell, CBMS. 3, Bailey Nichols, CBMS. Alternates: Peyton Milleson, RMS; Hannah Haines, CBMS.

7th grade

1, Ryan Feidler, RMS. 2, Cyrus Chaney, RMS. 3, Joseph Hart, CBMS. Alternates: Molly McVicker, CBMS; Tanner Ansel, RMS.

8th grade

1, Mulledy Jane Cook, CBMS. 2, Brady Stump, RMS. 3, Noah Lipps, RMS. Alternates: Taylor Treadway, RMS; Kierra Westfall, RMS.

9th grade

1, Ryan Quick. 2, Victoria Swisher. 3, Juliana Grassi. Alternates: Robert Quick, Abigail Hall.

10th-12th grades

1, Odessa Nightingale. 2, Faith Solecki. 3, Destiny Cole. 4, Michael Quasney. 5, Lily Robbins. 6, Savannah Garrett. 7, Lastin Whitacre. 8, Kaleb Shafer. 9, Emma Johnson. 10, Autumn Leonard. Alternates: Kylee Timbrook, Jeff Boyles, Stephanie Wolford, Summer Mongold, Elizabeth Seals. o

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