13 Italian Exchange Completers 


Gavin Abello

Angela Fagga

Leigha Haslacker

Nicole McManamay

Alex Moore

Lisa Orndorff

Taylor Richman

Lastin Whitacre


Lucas Moreland

Savannah Garett

Ali Ginevan

Sierra Moreland


Coltyn Kile

33 German Completers (German National Honor Society members as well as Advanced Placement)

Nicole McManamay

Angela Fagga (GNHS)

Lisa Orndorff

Taylor Richman (GNHS)

Lastin Whitacre (AP, GNHS)

Corin Brinker

Cassidy Hart

Kaley McDermeit (GNHS)

Brandon Davis (GNHS)

Katherine Corbin (GNHS)

Maria Terrazas (AP)

Alexis Orndorff (GNHS)

John Barbe

Kimberly Carr

Tyler Diehl

Savana Stotler

Matthew Kerns

Brae’leigh Riggleman (GNHS)

Seth Eaton

Dalton Keister

Tayler Weidlich

Hannah Shoemaker

Coltyn Kile

Benjamin Lambert

Travis Myers

Jordan Hamilton

Daniel Fontana (AP, GNHS)

Kendra Wolford (GNHS)

Zoe Grim (GNHS)

Kaitlyn Spring (GNHS)

Paige Chaney (GNHS)

Savannah Garett (GNHS)

Sierra Moreland (GNHS)

5 Spanish Completers

Destiny Cole

Danielle Davis

Emma Johnson

Autumn Southerly

Ella Staley 

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