AUGUSTA — Marty Pownall was presented with the 2021 Stacey Morgan Ambassador Eagle Award during the 5th-grade graduation ceremony at Augusta Elementary School on  May 27. 

 Marty is the 4th recipient of this top achievement, which has been presented since the passing of Stacey Morgan in 2019. Other recipients include Eva Eglinger and Holly Barnes in 2019 and Kade Suddath in 2020.   

Stacey Morgan began teaching in Hampshire County in 2000. She was a reading specialist at John J. Cornwell for 2 years, then spent the rest of her career at Augusta, teaching 5th grade.  

She earned the title of Augusta’s Teacher of the Year for the 2017-2018 school year and went on to earn that title at the Hampshire County level in 2018.   

Mrs. Morgan was a faithful asset to Augusta Elementary through her caring nature with students for whom she always set high expectations for, and her collaboration with staff whom she always pushed to do their very best. Stacey loved life, traveling, and making memories. She would encourage everyone to make memories with family and friends.  

Due to her high rank in character, citizenship and being an academic leader in the building, this distinguished award was created in her honor.   

Students who earn this award possess high achievements in character, citizenship and academics, which they display throughout their entire elementary school career. Recipients are presented with this honor at their 5th-grade graduation 

Marty earned his award because of his calm and positive demeanor, well rounded personality, can-do attitude and willingness to help – making him more than deserving of the honor. 

He works hard each day in school to achieve high academic honors, is a friend to all, and has a great sense of humor that brings a smile to everyone’s face.  Mrs. Morgan would have been so proud of him.

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