CAPON BRIDGE — The virtual Student of the Month assemblies will be posted to Schoology for each grade level. 

This month, the school leadership team decided to focus on the “work hard” part of the mission statement. The students who received the award were students who exemplified working hard. 

They consistently completed their assignments, joined teams meetings, and asked questions about the content.  For the honors this month, the following 6th graders were awarded:  Madison Campbell, Karleigh Nichols, Mackenzie Swisher and Emily Holmes-Evans.  The 7th graders who received the award were Hayden Davidson, Landon Eversole, Morgan Welty and Margaret Clompus.  

The 8th grade recipients were Chad Mongold, Ethan Vanmeter, Kora McBride and Serenity Pitcock. The staff and faculty would like to congratulate all of our students of the month.  We appreciate all the hard work that our students are doing.  We hope to get back to “normal” assemblies soon.  We miss having the parents come in and celebrate with us. 

The school is also proud to announce and recognize the following students for being school winners for the Young Writers competition:  5th/6th grade category– Emily Holmes-Evans with Honorable Mention, Summer Haines with 2nd place and Abbey Williams with 1st place; 7th/8th grade category– Margaret Clompus with 4th place, Savannah Wysocki with 3rd place, Parker Charlton with 2nd place and Makenzie Watts with 1st place. We appreciate their hard work and dedication to the writing process, especially during such a unique year! Let’s go, Bobcats! o

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