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Boxes of books are stacked in the back of Helping Hands, filled with books about aviation, military history, travel, the Civil War and more.

ROMNEY — If you’re interested in history, there’s an event on the horizon that may have next weekend’s schedule, well, booked.

There will be a giant book sale organized by Helping Hands in Romney from April 15 through April 17. Helping Hands came into possession of 89 boxes of books, most of which are focused on military and aviation history, general U.S. history, the Civil War and more.

Dan Oates has been helping plan the book sale, and he said that he and the volunteers at Helping Hands have gone through the books to consolidate what they could sell.

“Right now we have half of what we had,” he described. “We’ve sorted, threw away and sold some, and we went from 89 to 45 boxes.”

Next weekend, the collection of history-centric books, magazines, posters and more will be available for perusal and purchase on the Taggart lawn in Romney behind Helping Hands, with the rain location in the back of the Co-op.

Oates said that because of the wide variety of topics, he’s hopeful that many folks from the area who are retired or history buffs would be interested in checking out the selection.

“If there’s an airplane made that we don’t have a book on, it would be odd,” he said with a laugh.

Mary French Barbe emphasized that the money raised from the book sale would all go back to the community.

“All proceeds go to Helping Hands,” she explained. “It goes to the fire companies, the food pantry, Meals on Wheels.”

The sale will be held next Thursday afternoon, April 15, from 2-5 p.m., and then from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m. on Friday and Saturday.

Folks that are interested in helping with the sale or volunteering to assist with setup or cleanup can contact Dan Oates at 304-851-5680.

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