ROMNEY — The spooky season started a month early, with the Town Council’s early decision to schedule trick-or-treating at the end of October.

Romney’s trick-or-treating will be on Saturday, Oct. 30, from 6 to 8 p.m. Mayor Beverly Keadle said that the town had gotten several inquiries already, so they wanted to address the topic before the October council meeting. 

In other business:

• Council members unanimously (Councilman Derek Shreve was absent) approved the 50-year American Tower Lease Agreement for the cell tower property in Romney for $250,000. It’s a term easement agreement, and Logan Mantz, the town attorney, will further negotiate in Romney’s best interests.

• Former Romney police chief Donnie See appeared in front of the council to discuss the town’s ATV/UTV ordinance. “I was wondering if something could be added (to the ordinance) to make snow plowing legal,” See said, also noting that when he was police chief, they ran into a lot of problems with ATVs on the street. The council discussed See’s point, and decided to revise the ordinance to list snow plowing under legal ATV uses.

• Councilwoman Paula O’Brien presented to the council the fruits of her summer project: identifying which residences in Romney were not properly numbered. She said that homes without easily-seen numbers pose risks during emergencies. “We’ve had problems with policemen here who couldn’t find a house because it didn’t have a number on it,” O’Brien explained. “I thought a minute, even just seconds, might be able to save a life.” Out of the approximately 900 residences in Romney, about 10 percent of them are not properly marked, including apartment buildings and homes with old, faded numbers and overgrown shrubbery concealing the house numbers.

• Councilman Bill Taylor reported that in town, he’s noticed a large amount of grass clippings in the road, which can end up in storm sewers. In addition to grass clippings, Taylor noted that dog waste was also an issue around town.“It just makes the rest of us look poopy,” he said. “I think people just need to be educated about it.”  Keadle agreed that there was an issue, and said she was open to ideas about how to solve it.

• The Romney Pool is now closed for the season. Kerri Shreve, board president of Romney Parks & Rec, said it was time for the pool to “regroup and get ready for next season.”

• The council agreed to change the zoning designation for 90 N. Grafton Street from a strictly residential address to a residence with “light business.” The house, located next to the Bank of Romney Community Center, will be used as a daycare for the children and grandchildren of bank employees.

•There will be a special council meeting Wednesday, Sept. 29 at 7 p.m. to finish up all necessary business before the October council meeting, which is scheduled for Tuesday, Oct. 12 at 7 p.m. o

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