George Miller

As you are reading this the first session of the 85th Legislature will be just a few days from ending. Bills have ranged from the governor’s tax plan to some that caused us to scratch our heads.

Once again, I appreciate the people who have reached out to me and I have voted as the majority of my constituents have advised me. There were a few times my vote was the only red on the board.

Some bills have passed that I have been proud to be a part of while others passed that most of our district opposed. Special call out for the Jimmy Breedens, Amy Finneyfrock, Lisa Hess, Chantel Hoffman, Rachel Fisher, Jeff Palmer, Jamie Clark,  Jerry McGraw, David Miller and so many others that have supported this journey and our area by reaching out to others and keeping those lines of communication open. 

Continue to stay in touch, January will be here again before we know it.

We were not able to have the galleries open this session for visitors due to Covid-19 restrictions and the Rotunda has been closed for repairs. 

However, we did have 1 visitor, Roland Shambaugh, formerly from Berkeley Springs. Roland served his country with the 167th Air Guard for many years before retiring. It was an honor to be able to show him around the Capitol. We appreciate the sacrifices made by Roland and his family to keep our country safe.

We anticipate Gov. Justice to promote his PIT (Personal Income Tax) Bill.  The House has written a plan slightly different from the governor’s plan. The Senate also is working on their plan.

We will see this week how the votes go.  Many plans and many different ideas coming from different parts of our state government. Reaching consensus is challenging.

We are West Virginia Strong. God speed.


Republican George Miller represents the 58th District, which includes the eastern end of Hampshire County and most of Morgan County, in the House of Delegates.

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