D&D Plumbing

But not by much.

The 10,000-square-foot building on 2.6 acres will allow the plumbing firm to consolidate 2 facilities it currently uses in the Romney area, and give it room to grow, said Mike Ropp.

“We can get some more product under 1 roof,” he said.

But D&D won’t use all the space up front and has been remodeling the building since the Dec. 7 closing to create space for another business to lease.

Rumors about what business will go in the leased space are premature, he said.

“At this point, we have no one,” Ropp said.

The Weimer property has been on the market since the Chevrolet dealership closed at the end of 2018. A deal for the site fell through early in 2021.

D&D entered a contract for the Sunrise Summit location on Oct. 27, closing 6 weeks later. The asking price was $1.1 million, but the property sold for $868,500.

Ropp said D&D’s 2 current Romney locations total about 6,000 square feet, so the jump to 10,000 square feet is not that much of a stretch.

“We were looking for some room for expansion,” he said. D&D considered building, but the fast-rising cost of construction was a deterrent.

Then the Weimer property came back on the market.

“We saw it was sitting empty for quite a while,” Dan Stoltzfus said.

The site works for the firm’s business footprint, which extends into Hardy, Grant and Mineral counties. D&D employs “14 or 15” people, Ropp said.

But the new location worries Ropp a bit.

“It changes people’s perspective of you, and that’s one thing I don't’ like,” he said. “We still want to be the small local community plumber we always have been.

“Our goal is that we are here as your local plumber and we’re appreciative to our local community for their help.”

D&D expects to be completely relocated to its new site by spring.

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