Attempted murder, beatings, burglaries draw indictments

ROMNEY — Along with 19 drug indictments, the September grand jury handed up charges for some brutal crimes of violence and an unusual fencing operation.

The fencing operation is an upgrade of an indictment handed up in January, the last time the grand jury met. Eight months ago, Anthony Anderson Kinzer and Morgan Corrine Nicholls were indicted jointly on 8 felony counts of bringing stolen property into the state.

This time around, Kinzer, 46, and Nicholls, 27, were reindicted along with 54-year-old Robert Alfred Kinzer and 53-year-old Constance Marie Kinzer on 17 counts — 8 of bringing stolen property into West Virginia, 8 more of transferring those items to others and 1 of conspiracy.

Among the items: a 2014 Alhambra utility trailer valued at $3,000; a 2017 Can-Am Maverick UTV valued at $19,000; a 2018 Kawasaki dirt bike valued at $5,000; a 2016 Toro 52-inch zero-turn mower valued at $5,000; a 2018 Carry-on aluminum trailer valued at $3,000; a 2016 John Deere gator valued at $2,500; a 2019 Keystone Premier camping trailer valued at $30,000; and black box utility trailer with the VIN removed, valued at $2,000.

Crimes of violence

• Michael Frank Roberts and Amanda Perl Hensley, both 34, were charged jointly with attempted murder and conspiracy.

Authorities said the pair attacked Laura Norris on June 18.

• A burglary and beating on May 28 or 29 led to 3 men being indicted together on 5 charges.

Kolby Allen Haines, 27, Ceferino Jose Delgado, 35, and Nicholas Cody Kesner, 25, are charged with burglary, 2 counts of malicious wounding, battery and 2 counts of conspiracy.

Authorities say the trio broke into a property in Shanks. There, they say, Kesner held a man down while Haines hit him in the head with a bat and Delgado stabbed him repeatedly. Kesner’s battery charge is a misdemeanor.

• Joshua Paul Bachor, 38, was charged with strangulation and 2 misdemeanor counts, domestic battery and domestic assault. Authorities say that on Feb. 27 he choked his partner with his bare hands, punched her in the face and threatened to kill her.

• A confrontation on Feb. 18 has indicted William Charles Ford Jr., 52, with 2 felony and 2 misdemeanor counts.

Authorities say he cut his dog’s right flank; busted the windows, headlights and hood of his car; kicked in the door of a relative’s residence; and refused to follow an officer’s instructions to the point that police used a taser to stop him.

He is charged with felony cruelty to animals and destruction of property and misdemeanor obstructing and destruction of property.

• Wes Allen Barrett, 29, is charged with 2 counts of malicious assault. Authorities say that on July 19, Barrett stabbed a man in the chest and in his leg.

• David Bryon Dubs, 50, faces charges of strangulation and malicious assault. Police say he choked and stabbed a woman on Aug. 19, 2019.

• James Eugene Lewis, 49, was charged with wanton endangerment and the misdemeanor counts of domestic battery and domestic assault. The indictment says that on Dec. 30 last year, he fired a Savage .243-caliber rifle at a woman, punched her in the face, confronted her with a knife and threatened to kill her.

Property crimes

• Jason Daniel Wolford, 35, and Adriana Elaine Flanary, 28, were indicted together on charges of grand larceny and conspiracy.

The indictment says that on July 21 the pair stole a 2017 Chrysler Pacific minivan. Reports from the time said they offered to help the owner unload her van of donations to Helping Hands before driving off in it and wrecking it on River Road just into Hardy County.

• Burglaries in February and April have led to separate indictments against Rusty Joe Riley II. The April cases also has Angel Marie Judy charged jointly with him.

Authorities say Riley 34, and Judy, 30, burgled 2 properties off Middle Ridge Road west of Romney on April 23. The 1st incident led to breaking-and-entering, conspiracy and trespassing charges against the pair. The 2nd led to burglary, conspiracy and trespassing charges.

Riley was charged separately with a count of burglary and petit larceny, a misdemeanor, a robbery on Charlevoix Place in Romney on Feb. 28.

• Angel Lynn McCoy, 35, was charged with a count each of forging and uttering. Forging is signing another person’s name and uttering is the attempt to pass off the forged document.

The charging document says that on Valentine’s Day McCoy signed a $796.42 check allegedly drawn on the Target Winchester store over to Omps Grocery. 

• Dustin James Gordon is charged with grand larceny and breaking and entering. The charges say he broke into a detached garage in Sunrise Summit and took a Suzuki Ozark FTI 250 4-wheeler.

• Brian Lee Ark is charged with fraudulent use of an access device. Authorities say he used another man’s debit card to get $270 cash at the Romney Sheetz on Dec. 21, 2018.

Other charges

• A traffic stop for speeding led to a host of charges against Shawn Ronald Sieben, 43, on May 1. Authorities say he was doing 70 in a 55 zone when they stopped him. Sieben then told officers he had COVID-19 (untrue) and refused to stay 6 feet away from officers.

He is charged with speeding, driving while his license is suspended, terroristic threats for the COVID claim, obstructing an officer and providing false information to an officer. Only the terrorism charge is a felony; the other 4 are misdemeanors.

• Kevin Hayes Knight, 27, was charged with a count of possessing sexually explicit material with minors. The indictment says that at the turn of the year he had 141 videos and photos of child porn.

• David Wayne Hayes, 50; Christopher Richard Arnold, 30; and Justin Scott Buckley, 29; were each charged with failing to update their sex offender registry. The indictments say Hayes didn’t perform his annual check-in last November; Arnold didn’t register a tablet that had Facebook and other apps on it; and Buckley failed to register an email address in March.

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