CAPON BRIDGE — Another sewer system upgrade delay was announced at last Tuesday’s Capon Bridge Town Council meeting, with the call for bids pushed back to Oct. 12 in the hope the last easement agreement will be signed by then.

The council also considered a citizen petition claiming the one-way traffic on Duff Lane poses a safety hazard and asking to have the sign relocated. Mayor Laura Turner has asked DOH District Engineer Lee Thorne to do a safety evaluation.

Thrasher Group project engineer Danny Braham had sent a letter informing the council that the schedule for the sewer system upgrade has been revised because all easements must be in place before the project is advertised for bids. One property owner has yet to sign, though he has indicated willingness to do so.

The easements in question allow for running sewer lines from the Capon Bridge Technology Park over Bear Garden Mountain, qualifying the project for federal Economic Development Administration funding.

This part of the system serving the technology park will be owned by Central Hampshire Public Service District, and Capon Bridge will be paid for processing the waste, reducing the amount charged to other Capon Bridge customers.

The revised schedule for the project calls for putting it out for bids Oct. 12, with bids opened Nov. 10 and the contract awarded Dec. 22. Work should be completed by the end of October next year.

The town ordinance authorizing the project received its 2nd reading at last week’s meeting. A public hearing on the ordinance will be held at 7 p.m. Oct. 13, followed by a 3rd reading and a final vote by the Town Council.

In other business, the council agreed to close the town office on Friday, Sept. 25, because Town Clerk Penny Feather will not be working that day, and there is no one to take her place.

The council discussed Halloween trick or treating, but agreed they needed to wait to see what restrictions Gov. Jim Justice might place on it.

Mayor Turner reported contacting the governor’s office and being told he would not be looking into that until closer to the date.

The town continues to advertise for both an office assistant and a town recorder, with Mayor Turner noting that the 2 positions (and their salaries) could be combined if someone wished to take both jobs. The recorder must be a town resident, though this is not necessary for the office assistant.

Mayor Turner urged residents to respond to the census. The federal government distributes tax dollars based on census population figures, and each person missed will cost the local area $20,000 or more in federal support by the time the 2030 census is taken.

The Town Council’s street committee has yet to meet, but Nathan Spencer and Chris and Laura Turner reported driving around inspecting streets. They reported Scenic Drive in Waterview Estates, where grass was reported to be growing through the pavement, is one of the streets most in need of work.

Only one bid has been received on clearing the debris from Dillon’s Run where the bridge collapsed on Duff Lane. Minutes of the Sept. 1 Finance Committee reported that town lawyer Royce Saville is disputing the decision of the town’s insurance company to deny coverage.

The council is still in need of town residents willing to volunteer their service on the town building commission, which must be set up before the town can borrow the money needed to settle the MacDonald-Brinker case.

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