MOOREFIELD — A Moorefield policeman and a man wanted on sex offense charges both suffered gunshot wounds last Thursday afternoon during the suspect’s arrest.

Cpl. Tyler Robinette was shot once in the arm when he attempted to arrest the man, whose identity Moorefield police have not released. 

The subject was in turn shot once in the abdomen by Lt. Melody Burrows, ending the man’s struggle with Robinette. 

Both gunshot victims were taken to Grant Memorial Hospital in Petersburg. Robinette was treated in the emergency room and released. He was recuperating at home Monday. 

The suspect was stabilized at Grant and then transferred to another hospital that Moorefield police declined to identify. 

State Police had tipped off Moorefield police that the man, wanted on charges elsewhere in West Virginia, might be at a property on Clay Street, a couple blocks east of the Hardy County Courthouse. 

Robinette and Burrows were patrolling separately and responded to the address around 2:45 p.m., where they saw the suspect outside. 

When they confronted him, Moorefield Police Chief Stephen Riggleman said, the man pulled out a 9mm handgun and fired it, striking Robinette in the arm.

Robinnette continued to struggle with the man until Burrows fired her service weapon, striking the suspect in the abdomen, police said.

Bystanders offered assistance with the injured before first responders arrived, authorities said. 

Because an officer discharged a firearm, the incident is under investigation by West Virginia State Police. o

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