In 2020, the Lancaster-based organization paired with Haven of Hope Greenhouse and Healing/Training Center in Hampshire County to provide boxes of food to those in need locally, with countless food giveaways at different locations in the county.

This generosity and help to the community lands Blessings of Hope on the list of the Review’s Spirit of Hampshire for 2020.

Naomi King with Haven of Hope said it simply, “Our mission is to use food as a tool to help people experience God’s love in their time of need.”

Blessings of Hope was started in 2006 and operated independently under the parent organization Light of Hope Ministries.

Their presence in Hampshire County this year did, in fact, offer a light of hope. With the pandemic surging, community need was more present than ever. So, Blessings of Hope, which had hosted food giveaways at Romney Elementary in the past, hosted additional events where folks could pick up free boxes of food, helping those affected by the pandemic.

During a time when it seemed like all the news stories were about numbers (positivity and transmission rates, case numbers, etc.), Blessings of Hope added a little bit of good news.

Good numbers, like 2,340 food boxes handed out in Augusta at the beginning of October.

Or, later on in October, when Haven of Hope partnered with them, distributing 800 boxes of food to local people and 1,300 boxes to ministries.

Or, 500 percent: the amount of growth that Blessings of Hope saw since Covid hit in March.

Talk about positive numbers.

“2020 has been an intense year for us with all of the Covid needs out there,” said David Lapp, Blessings of Hope CEO. “It’s been an interesting year.”

Lapp said Blessings of Hope serves a 200-mile radius on a weekly basis, including New York City, sites west of Pittsburgh and, of course, Hampshire County.

“Our main focus when we started out was to supply smaller food pantries with quality food that might have been wasted,” Lapp explained. “The way we adapted (when Covid hit) was we did a lot more packing ahead of time in our warehouse, and we switched to a drive-through style delivery instead of a walk-in system.”

Blessings of Hope has about 120-140 suppliers who donate food to their main location, and their community outreach saw communities like Hampshire County receiving prepackaged aid during a time of immense need.

With the organization’s “Hands of Hope” food box programs, Blessings of Hope was able to prepare food boxes for delivery, allowing giveaways to be done with minimal contact while social distancing.

 “We were honored to be a part of supporting our local community and offering hope during 2020,” King said about the year’s food giveaways.

It’s faith above everything for Blessings of Hope.

“Our mission is to empower the church to help the community,” Lapp said. “It’s just been a blessing and an honor to be able to serve the community in this way.”

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