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The, uhm, unknowingness that keeps cropping up on Facebook is grating at yours truly.

It masquerades as insight, but when it’s just plain wrong or goofy, it achieves nothing other than make the person posting the comment feel good about getting off his or her chest.

So, it’s time for another debunking on what people think they know. I’m only concerned here with posts that were on the Review’s own Facebook page. They’re enough to try to keep up with. The stuff on those eye-on-better-real-time-hello-Romney-everything-Hampshire-kiss-my-green-spring groups can give a simple guy like me headaches trying to sort the whines from the cheez.

So on to the debunking.

Post (regarding why the county has only 1 high school and not 1 for the Romney area and another for Capon Bridge): “The problem was/is that when split the county would receive less funding from the state because they wouldn’t be AAA anymore.”

Truth be told: Each county gets the same amount per student whether it has them all in one high school that’s big enough to be Class AAA or 2 or 3 or 4 high schools that are smaller. The funding is based on the number of students, not how many high schools they’re divided among (or packed into).

Post: “Once again the plan to build bigger and fewer schools in Capon Springs, Augusta and Romney show where the school board wants to solidify its control.”

Truth be told: Where to begin? How about there’s no plan to put a school in Capon Springs. Yeah, having fewer schools has some pluses — like maybe reducing the money spent on administrators, but I’ll be hanged if I can figure out what “control” the school board might be trying to solidify.

Are there outliers among our schools that defy what the board wants? And isn’t the board in place because those are the people we gave the most votes to — the ones we chose to, oh, exert control?

My head’s starting to hurt.

Post: “The reason we have few jobs in Hampshire County is directly related to the decisions made by the council. They blocked Corridor H and they have blocked big businesses from coming in because they either don’t benefit from selling them property or the kickbacks were not large enough or they would lose control and their power would diminish.”

Truth be told: Pass the Excedrin. This has more conspiracies in it than QAnon. Let’s assume the writer means the County Commission when he says “council.” Then there’s the infamous “they,” as in “they blocked Corridor H.”

If that’s true, that would have happened in, roughly, the late 1960s when maybe 1 current commissioner was even alive and all the commissioners then are gone to their great reward.

And “they” weren’t getting big enough kickbacks or getting to sell property? Which land barons does he think run the county?

Please. There’s no secret cabal of rich, landed and blue-blooded Hampshire royalty running this county. Get a grip on reality.  

Post: “Add more members to the commission and have them elected rather than appointed.”

Truth be told: The 3 commissioners are all elected. Why would anyone think they’re appointed? Who would be the authority appointing them?

One grain of thoughtfulness: Do we need more commissioners? There’s an argument for that.

Post: “The local government needs to make it more possible for a second grocery store to come into our county.”

Truth be told: Would the local government be the County Commission or the town councils in Romney or Capon Bridge. What action would make “more possible”? The county has no zoning ordinance, so I think if a grocer wants to open a store here, all they have to do is buy (or build) a store and start selling.

Post: “With a population of less than 24 thousand people it only take 3 people to put the county in the red because the color code is based on positive cases per 100k people.”

Truth be told: Right idea, wrong math. Counties hit red status when they top 25 cases per 100,000 population – and in the state’s calculation the positive cases are on a 7-day average. Hampshire would need almost 6 new cases a day every day for a week to be in the red.

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