ROMNEY — Theft of dozens of firearms, photographing sex with a minor and a police chase of a belligerent suspect are part of a wide range of indictments handed up by the Hampshire County grand jury last week. 

The grand jury issued 38 separate indictments; 3 people were indicted twice each. Four of the indictments remain sealed until the defendants have been served notice.  

Six of the indictments stem from the events of Jan. 6 that began with an attempted kidnapping, followed by a shootout, a chase across the Springfield Grade and discovery of an injured man along Jersey Mountain Road. For that story, turn to the front page. 

The rest of the indictments:

• Tyler William Alger, conspiracy to deliver of a controlled substance, 5 counts of sexual assault in the 3rd degree and 26 counts of use of a minor filming sexually explicit conduct. 

Charging documents say Alger and a 15-year-old girl advertised meth on Snapchat in July 2020. The documents say he had sex with the girl at least 5 times that summer and that he did so in front of a camera 26 times. 

• Quentin Canvy Bucklew, 20, grand larceny. Charging documents say Bucklew took dozens of firearms from relatives between July 1 and Oct. 14, 2020. 

The value of the weapons was estimated at $7,405. Firearms included rifles, shotguns and pistols, ranging from a 20-gauge pump-action Savage shotgun to a Remington semi-automatic rifle. The charges say he also took a string trimmer.  

• Steven Wallace Smith Jr., 41, fleeing an officer with reckless indifference, fleeing while under the influence, driving left of center, expired registration, 2 counts of child neglect creating substantial risk of bodily injury, 5 counts of obstructing an officer, 2 of battery on a law enforcement officer, failure to submit to fingerprinting, no proof of insurance and operating a vehicle not equipped with interlocking device. Only the fleeing charges are felonies; the rest are misdemeanors. 

Charging documents say that on May 15, Smith was driving an unregistered vehicle with 2 children, age 4 months and 7, in it. When Natural Resource Police Officer Cotdy Evans signaled him to stop, he fled, swerving left of center at 1 point. After he was stopped, documents say, he refused to obey commands from 5 different officers. He allegedly kicked 1 officer and lunged at another to punch him. Upon inspection, his vehicle had no proof of insurance and no test-and-lock apparatus as he was required to have. 


• Jessica Marie Lipscomb, 32, possession with intent to deliver meth, and 2 misdemeanor counts of failure to yield at a stop sign and not having her taillight illuminated. Charging documents say she was stopped on April 12, when the meth was found. 

Lipscomb was indicted on a separate meth delivery count for an incident on May 14. 

• David Lee Devaney, 44, 2 counts of transporting controlled substances into a jail. Charging documents say he took meth into Potomac Highlands Regional Jail on Feb. 1, 2020, and heroin on Feb. 19, 2020. 

• Nicholas Codey Kesner, 26, transporting meth into a jail. Charging documents say Kesner was caught on June 24. 

• James David Graham, 39, and Cassandra Rachelle Bowman, 27, conspiracy to possess with intent to delivery a controlled substance. Charging documents say that on Feb. 10 Graham and Bowman had both heroin and fentanyl. Graham was charged with 1 count regarding each drug and Bowman was charged with 2 each. 

• Amy Leann Bowman, 44, possession with intent to deliver fentanyl, conspiracy to deliver and misdemeanor counts of driving with license suspended and unsafe and improperly equipped vehicle. Charging documents say Bowman was stopped on Feb. 15 for a missing brakelight, found to be driving without a license and had less than 5 grams of fentanyl on her. 

• Brittney Nicole Bloom, 28, conspiracy to deliver fentanyl and a misdemeanor count of open container. Charging documents say Bloom conspired with Bowman to deliver the fentanyl and had an open alcoholic beverage in the vehicle. 

• Travis William Davidson, 31, and Sara Louise Brown, 28, possession with intent to deliver meth, possession with intent to deliver heroin and conspiracy counts on each possession charge. Charging documents say Davidson was found with the drugs on Jan. 17.  

• Candace Keziah Martin, 34, possession with intent to deliver meth. Charging documents say Martin had the drug on June 3. 

• Marshall Lee Wratchford, 26, possession with intent to deliver meth and misdemeanor possession of heroin. Charging documents say Wratchford had the meth and a small amount of heroin on April 16. 

Vehicles and driving

• Andrew Allen Clark, 32, DUI resulting in death, DUI causing serious bodily harm and misdemeanor no proof of insurance. State Police said that on Nov. 14, Clark’s 2004 Volkswagen crossed the centerline on Route 259 near Yellow Spring, crashing head-on into a 2018 Subaru driven by Sarah Brookfield, killing her. Her husband, Robert M. Brookfield Jr., was injured. 

• Gerald Joseph Fitch III, 32, fraudulent registration, no proof of insurance, driving while license suspended and improper registration. Charging documents say he put tape on the vehicle registration sticker and altered it with a black pen, a felony, discovered in a stop last Nov. 5. The other 3 charges are misdemeanors. 

Then, on this July 16, Fitch was caught again, charged with a felony count of possession with intent to deliver meth, and 2 misdemeanors of having an illegal sun-screening device and driving for a 2nd time while license was suspended. Charging documents say his front passenger window was tinted too heavily. 

• Joey Lee Chapman, 34, 2 separate indictments for driving suspended and misdemeanor no vehicle inspection. Charging documents say that when Chapman was stopped on May 16, he already had 2 misdemeanor convictions for driving revoked, the last in November 2019. 

He was stopped again for the same offenses on July 16, creating the 2nd separate indictment. 

• Kit Michael Corbin, 29, driving while license revoked and misdemeanor counts of no proof of insurance, reckless driving and transporting meth into a jail. Charging documents say Corbin had the drug – and no license – on May 6. 

• Patrick Lynn Largent, 57, driving with license revoked and misdemeanor counts of possession of marijuana and obstructing an officer. Charging documents say that when Largent was stopped on March 29, he did not obey all Deputy Jacob Crites’ orders.  


• Megan Elizabeth Butcher, 37, distributing and exhibiting material depicting minors engaged in sexually explicit conduct. Charging documents say that on March 7 she sent a video file to a man on Facebook that contained more than 75 images of child pornography. 

• Elizabeth Hamilton Saville, 49, 2 counts of identity theft, 2 counts of fraudulent scheme and 2 more of conspiracy with Gregory Scott Saville, 52. Charging documents say Elizabeth Saville used the name and identifying information of the late Col. David Gee to open 2 credit card accounts in his name, 1 with Discover and 1 with Chase. The charges say that the Savilles used the cards between Oct. 2 and Jan. 27. 

Gregory Saville was also charged with 2 counts of fraudulent schemes and 2 of conspiracy. 

• Tyler Michael Moore, 22, failure to update sex offender registry. Charging documents say Moore didn’t notify the State Police of a Tik Tok account he had. 

• Brian Wayne Leonard Sr., 53, possessing a firearm when prohibited and receiving or transferring stolen property Charging documents say Leonard, who has a Maryland conviction for robbery, tried to pawn a $3,500 stolen rifle at South Branch Guns and Pawn on Jan. 6,  

• Daniel James McAfee, 26, wanton endangerment with a firearm, 2 counts of gross child neglect creating substantial risk of bodily injury, use of a firearm in a felony, possessing a firearm when prohibited and misdemeanor battery and domestic battery. 

Charging documents say that on July 6 McAfee pointed a 9mm Luger pistol at the woman driving the car they were in with 2 children, ages 1 and 11. McAfee has a drug conviction on his record, prohibiting him from possessing firearms. The charges say McAfee grabbed the woman by the neck and also pushed a 2nd woman up against the car and threw her to the ground. o

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