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The staff at HCPL is “great,” said director Anna Poland (pictured front left). Also pictured are Angela Garcia, library assistant; Amy Lauderback, children’s library assistant; Melanie Self, genealogy library assistant; Heather Wrye, ILL library assistant; Lynne Nichols, library assistant; and Madison Wrye, maintenance.

ROMNEY — The Hampshire County Public Library has a new director at the helm, and so far, she said it’s been smooth sailing. 

Anna Poland, who has worked at the Romney library since 2011, was made interim director after the departure of Megan Shanholtz, who worked as director for 7 years until she left at the beginning of June.

Poland officially became director Oct. 1, and since she’s stepped into the role, she said there haven’t been any major hiccups.

Which is good, since she has big plans, she said.

“It’s actually going really well. We are getting stuff accomplished,” she said. “I have some very big ideas I want to see done. I would like us to get more involved in the community, so I’m working on that, and I just want to see us move forward.”

There are several small steps that the library staff is taking to move forward, such as expanding the children’s section of the library with more shelving, as well as creating more spaces where folks can come and sit quietly to work on whatever they need to.

They’re ordering more DVDs, a challenge with Covid, Poland admitted, but she really wants people to know that the library is up and running, open for business and excited to welcome folks back. 

“Everything’s been fairly smooth,” she said. “I just want to reach the people.”

The activities the library offers are numerous and varied, from children’s storytime to teen activities to LEGO and craft nights. Connecting with the community is the goal, and Poland said, “So far, I feel I’m doing pretty good.”

She added, “The girls here are great.”

Poland isn’t a new addition to the staff, having worked at the library for a decade, but she never figured she’d be in the role she’s in now.

“I wanted to be here, but I just figured I’d be out there,” she explained, waving her hand in the direction of the library’s front desk. “I’m getting used to all the paperwork.” 

The library is open, and folks can decide whether or not they want to wear a mask. They’re still offering curbside as well, Poland added, and folks can call the library at 304-822-3185 or email them at hampshire.library@martin.lib.wv.us to let the staff know they’re ready for pickup. 

Faxes, copies and fines are the only things that cost money at the library, Poland reminded. It’s free to display items in the display cases, hold meetings in the space and use the computers. If you have questions or need more information about how to schedule a meeting, stop by the Romney library or call. o

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