CAPON BRIDGE — Capon Bridge will get the additional $500,000 in grant funds needed to use chlorination in its upgraded sewer system, Thrasher Group Project Manager Dan Ferrell announced at the May 12 Town Council meeting.

There were no updates on the McDonald-Brinker case, in which the Town Council agreed last month to use eminent domain to seize affected properties, if necessary, rather than build a new bridge on Duff Lane.

The council had voted to request the additional sewer system funding in a March 30 special meeting, after being told chlorination is more reliable than ultraviolet light and ongoing expenses are likely to be similar once the equipment is installed.

Much of last week’s council meeting dealt with progress on the sewer project, including obtaining the necessary easements to run sewer pipes over Bear Garden Mountain to tie the Capon Bridge Technology Park into the town sewer system.

Though the technology park system east of town will be owned and maintained by the Central Hampshire PSD, Capon Bridge has been tasked with obtaining the easements needed.

So far only 2 or 3 of the 14 agreements needed have been signed, Thrasher project engineer Danny Braham reported. He said he had spoken with all but 3 people on the list, met in person with several and asked lawyer Royce Saville’s office to make adjustments to some of the documents.

Braham predicted they would be up to the 80 percent signed easements needed for work to begin in another 2 weeks.

The council was told that the east side of the project, connecting the technology park with the town system, should be ready before the sewer plant upgrade is done.

However, it cannot be connected to the town system until the town’s plant is ready to accept the increased flow.

In other business, Mayor Laura Turner announced the governor has postponed the town municipal election to July 28. A sample ballot should appear in the Hampshire Review on July 8, and early voting will take place July 15-25 at Town Hall.

The election calendar on the W. Va. Secretary of State’s website indicates that the deadline for write-in candidates to file has been extended to June 9.

Currently the town has 1 candidate per vacancy — Turner for mayor, Josie Bauknecht for recorder, and Chris Turner and Tom Hinkle (the latter filing as a write-in candidate) for 2 available seats on the Town Council.

Laura Turner reported that the town received a “glowing report” from the auditor reviewing the past year’s records, with “zero findings” that would require action.

The town offices will be closed Monday, May 25, for Memorial Day.

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