ROMNEY — Forty percent of the indictments handed up by the Hampshire County grand jury last week involved drugs.

The grand jury met Sept. 1, pulling double duty because the May term was canceled during the state’s shutdown to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

In all, 48 indictments were handed up charging 43 people with crimes. Five people had more than one indictment sworn by the grand jury.

Of the 43, 19 were charged with drug crimes, primarily possession with intent to deliver.

The 48 indictments is a career high for Betsy K. Plumer. Plumer was appointed to the post in September 2017 and elected to finish the last 2 years of the term in November 2018.

She oversaw 33 indictments for her 1st grand jury in January 2018.

Of the 48 indictments sought last week, she oversaw 22 and Assistant Prosecutor Rebecca Miller’s signature was on the other 26. Miller, a Republican, is running to replace Plumer, who did not seek re-election; she faces Democrat Charlie Johnson III in November.

Several of the indictments were joint, meaning 2 to 4 people were charged in the same document with the same crimes. The maneuver allows the prosecution to try all parties together rather than separately.

The drug charges include:

• Jason Robert Malcolm, 35, was charged in 3 separate indictments, with one of them in conjunction with Stacy Lynn Malcolm, also 35.

Prosecutors say the pair conspired to deliver methamphetamine on June 15.

He is also charged with delivering meth on May 1. That indictment includes a 2nd charge of changing the vehicle identification number on a blue Yamaha motorcycle around the same time.

The last set of charges against Jason Robert Malcolm are 2 counts of wanton endangerment. The charging papers say he fired a black short-barreled shotgun twice toward a man sitting in his parked vehicle on June 5. Each shot is a separate charge.

• Three men – Warren Thomas Gray Jr., 21, Logan Allen Kerns, 21, and Brandon Lee Burton, 23 – were simultaneously charged with 3 crimes.

They are charged with possessing heroin on Feb. 28 with the intent to distribute it, conspiracy and running away from the officers who were attempting to detain them. The fleeing charge is a misdemeanor.

• Ceferino Jose Delgado, 35, was indicted with 2 other people on drug conspiracy charges.

Delgado, 35-year-old Lisa Kay Bauerle and 30-year-old Justin Lynn Corbin possession of fentanyl with intent to deliver, possession of marijuana with intent to deliver and conspiracy.

The indictment says they had the drugs on June 24.

• Four people were charged jointly with 5 counts of drug possession with intent to deliver and another of conspiracy.

Rachel Beth Ratliff, 33; Shannon Marie Kandill, 40; Roger Lee Haines Jr., 32; and Hunter Remington Russell, 22; were caught on Jan. 11 with fentanyl, meth, heroin, LSD and 4-ANPP, a synthetic opioid.

• Richard O’Neil Levin, 37, and Shannon Lee Smith, 33, were jointly charged with possession of meth with intent to deliver and conspiracy. Authorities said they had the drug on May 23.

• Mark Allen Yost II, 31, was charged with a count of cocaine possession and another of fleeing with reckless indifference. Authorities say Yost ignored a police officer’s order to stop and led authorities on an 80-mph chase through the rain-slicked streets of Romney. They found cocaine on him when they stopped him.

• Chasity Dawn Sisler, 27, is charged with a count of transporting a controlled substance into a jail and a related charge of attempted delivery of a controlled substance to an inmate. Authorities say she tried to bring suboxone into the Potomac Highlands Regional Jail on March 3.

• Todd Bradley Davis, 45, was charged with operating a clandestine drug lab, arising from a June 28 bust.

• Two separate indictments charge Joshua Allen Hinkle, 35, with drug crimes. He is charged with a count of possession with the intent to deliver meth from an incident on Aug. 29, 2019. He faces 2 charges of possessing drugs in jail – one for meth and one for Xanax – from Dec. 19.

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