ROMNEY — Romney officials are asking, and warning, that property owners in town need to have street numbers on all addresses.

At Monday night’s short monthly Town Council meeting, Council member Paula O’Brien reminded residents that the town adopted an ordinance in the last year requiring street numbers be posted.

“This is so critical right now,” she said.

Mayor Beverly Keadle noted the need when she reported that a police officer who’s a veteran of the force couldn’t respond to a call because he couldn’t find the unposted address on a house.

Keadle gaveled the meeting adjourned after just 27 minutes.

In other business:

• A public hearing will be held on an ordinance enabling design and bonding of a waterworks project before next month’s council meeting, 7 p.m. on Feb. 8, The ordinance is scheduled for its 3rd reading and adoption then.

• A Public Service Commission hearing is scheduled for March 10 on the town’s effort to raise the price of water it sells to Central Hampshire Public Service District.

• Keadle said 4 town employees had contracted Covid-19. Doors at Town Hall continue to remain locked. Business with the town can be conducted at the drive-through window or by mail, phone or online.

Keadle said she had also identified essential employees who will get Covid-19 vaccines first.

• A Raw Water wet well pump will be purchased for $13,370 to replace the malfunctioning original pump at the water plant.

• Police Officer J.D. Smith resigned to take a full-time position with the Hampshire County Sheriff’s Office.

• The town will get 16 trees to plant around town from the Cacapon Institute’s communitree program and trees will again be available at a low cost for town residents to purchase.

• The walking trail on the town’s north side could be the home of a garden and playing equipment, Keadle said. In addition, representatives from the Mills Group will examine the barn acquired from the West Virginia Schools for the Deaf and the Blind in preparation for submitting it for inclusion on the National Register of Historic Places.

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