The pit

Further search of the property has led to the discovery of a total of 21 dead dogs in various stages of decay.

LOOM — The operator of Love Shack Dog Rescue has been charged with 103 counts of animal cruelty.

During a week of investigation, 102 dogs have been removed from Sabrina Droescher’s Love Shack operation and the carcasses of 21 dogs have been found on the 3-acre site off Timber Mountain Road, about 4 miles north of U.S. 50.

Sheriff Nathan Sions credited volunteers from the Hampshire County Animal Shelter and 3 dog rescue groups — Jessica Cook of Margaret’s Saving Grace Bully Rescue, Michelle Taylor of Shirley’s Angels Rescue and Niki Dawson of Guardians of Rescue and additional staff from each of these rescues — for their help.

The Hampshire Review will provide information in this week’s print edition on how to contact the rescues to adopt a dog or offer help.

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I only hope this woman is not just treated in the courts with a slap on the wrist but truly deserves jail time for the atrocities she committed. This is truly on a level that most of us can not even imagine. I do not believe that she could not see what was happening right before her eyes and did nothing when the first dog died. .but to simply stand by and watch the suffering these dogs endured is unexcuseable. The neighbors had to know something wasn’t right on that property but stood by and did nothing to help these animals before it came to this.

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