George Miller

So much has happened over the past few months. 

The 85th Legislative session ended at midnight on March 12. Delegates came home and immediately started campaigns in newly defined districts with the primary election quickly approaching May 10. 

Only a few delegates had the additional challenge of running against each other for the same district. 

A good portion of the 58th district was redistributed to the 89th district joining the western section of Morgan County with Hampshire County. A portion of Morgan County and a portion of eastern Berkeley County was joined together to create the new 90th. 

I believe many people learned about these changes as the election drew closer. Voting precincts changed for many and the challenge of notifying those people fell on the shoulders of the county clerk and staff. Everyone worked very hard to navigate through all these changes.

The accuracy of census results is important to our people as it dictates our representation in the state. We lose or gain representation based on those results. 

Our district was drastically altered from the original 58th to the new 90th. It has been a privilege to meet and work with people in Hampshire, Morgan and Berkeley Counties and I am looking forward to meeting new constituents in the future.

I appreciate the support, encouragement and votes from the residents of this new district. I am thankful to have the opportunity to represent you as we work to strengthen our values and families. 

We all need to become involved in issues that are critical to protecting our freedom as we know it. Please be sure you are registered and vote on Nov. 8 in the General Election. There is a lot at stake.

I will still be representing the original 58th district until November. I am disappointed in losing the people who were in that district. 

I am always willing to talk with people and encourage you to reach out to me if you have a concern or suggestion. When you know of something coming up or see a bill that is of concern to you, contact me as early as possible to share your thoughts and opinions. I represent you and need to hear from you. Your voice is important.

Contact me at 304-283-7483 (cell), 304-340-3177 (office), (email) or visit to learn more.

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