ROMNEY — Four would-be kidnapers and 2 men who foiled their plot with gunfire have all been indicted.

Hampshire County’s grand jury handed up counts against the 6 last week. For the rest of the 30-plus indictments, turn to the story on Page 4A.

The 6 are:

• Austin Lee Fairman, 20, conspiracy to commit attempted kidnaping and conspiracy to commit burglary.

• Gregory Thomas Corwell, 43, 4 counts of wanton endangerment with a rifle; 4 counts of conspiracy and 1 of malicious wounding.

• Michael Paul Anderson, 55, attempted kidnaping, burglary, 2 conspiracy counts, wanton endangerment and use of a firearm in a felony.

• Terry Bruce Livermore Jr., 42, attempted kidnaping, burglary, 2 conspiracy counts, wanton endangerment and use of a firearm in a felony.

• Edward John North Jr., 60, attempted kidnaping, burglary, 2 conspiracy counts, illegal possession of explosive device, wanton endangerment and use of a firearm in a felony.

• Gregory Shawn Robinette, 42, 4 counts of conspiracy to commit wanton endangerment.

A 911 call shortly after 10 p.m. on Jan. 3, a Sunday, said a home invasion was occurring and a man was being beaten on Tupelo Loop, east of Route 28 a little north of Springfield Assembly of God.

While state police were en route to the home, a 2nd call came in saying a Chevrolet truck was leaving with bullet holes in it. A 3rd call followed for assistance with a man suffering from a gunshot wound on Frost Drive, about 2 miles south of Points off Jersey Mountain Road.

At the Tupelo Loop home, which was Corwell’s, State Police were told that 3 men carrying pistols barged into the house, saying they were taking a woman there with them along with personal belongings and a car.

The trio was apparently Anderson, Livermore and North.

But Corwell apparently began firing at the men, wounding Fairman in the leg and chest.

The invaders retreated to their truck while taking fire from outside.

The Tupelo Loop residents got into a vehicle and began chasing the truck with gunshots fired on the road.

In Points, officers found 3 men outside a black Chevrolet pickup, detaining them and seizing 2 handguns.

The truck’s backseat floorboard had a puddle of blood on it and more blood led into the house there, where officers found Fairman still bleeding.

Hampshire County EMS transported him to Winchester Medical Center for treatment.

The others were taken into custody.

Behind a tree in the woods surrounding the residence, police found body armor, knives, handguns and an explosive device.

That brought the bomb technicians from the State Police detachment in Martinsburg to secure the device.

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