Campaign 2020

ROMNEY — Nine polling places in Hampshire County will have new homes for the June 9 primary, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I think it will let us share some poll workers and keep things moving,” County Clerk Eric Strite said Monday.

The moves leave 14 polling places to staff instead of the usual 22.

Strite said the number of people volunteering to work the polls has fallen off over concerns about the virus.

The changes include having all 4 precincts that serve the town of Romney voting at the Fire Hall. Moving are Precincts 16 (Courthouse), 19 (DNR office) and 20 (Romney Senior Center). Precinct 14 already votes there. 

Other changes:

• Precinct 7 switches from Island Hill Church to the Slanesville Fire Hall, joining Precinct 8 there.

• Precinct 10 and Precinct 22 join Precinct 12 in voting at the Augusta Fire Hall. Precinct 10 normally votes at the Hampshire County Health Department and Precinct 22 at Augusta Elementary School.

• Precinct 15 moves from Mill Creek Ruritan to Romney Elementary School, where Precinct 17 already votes.

• Precinct 18 moves from the Department of Motor Vehicles across U.S. 50 to Hampshire High School to vote alongside Precinct 24.

• Precinct 26 shifts from Green Spring Park’s kitchen to Springfield-Green Spring Elementary School, which is already home to Precinct 25.

Fears about the pandemic have pushed unprecedented numbers of voters to request and return absentee ballots.

While the number of people voting by absentee ballot has never exceeded 150 in recent elections, Strite said that as of last Friday 2,400 ballots had been requested and 1,350 had already been returned. o


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