ROMNEY — The school board approved the calendar for the 2021-22 school year at last Monday’s meeting, and everyone’s fingers are crossed that the year can begin and continue as scheduled without any Covid-tinged complications.

Similar to last year’s original calendar (which ended up being adjusted for the 1st day of school to be Sept. 8), the school staff will see 4 curriculum development days before school is officially back in session on Monday, Aug. 23. Friday, Aug. 20 is labeled as a “prep day” for teachers to get their classrooms whipped into shape before the kids take their 1st steps back in the buildings. Hampshire County Schools’ treasurer Denise Hott mentioned that at the state level, the WV Department of Education allows only 2 days “to be used at the teacher’s discretion” for staff to get their rooms ready: 1 before school is in session and 1 after school ends.

Curriculum development days are focused on the material that students will be learning during the school year, while the prep days are mainly used to prepare classrooms within the schools.

There are also 2 professional learning days scheduled for the school year, on Oct. 11 and Jan. 28. 

With the 1st day of classes slated to start Aug. 23, the school year will be wrapping up for students on June 1. The ever-anticipated graduation date is scheduled as May 27.

Hott said she submitted the calendar to the state for approval after the board approved it at their May 17 meeting, and the board will now wait for an official approval letter from the state. 

Mark your calendar

8/23: 1st day of school

9/6: Labor Day (No school)

12/22-1/2: Winter break

4/14-4/22: Spring break

5/27: Graduation

6/1: Last day of school

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