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Workers pour sidewalk along East Main Street as part of the 2010 3-lane project.  

Final sidewalk work to sart on Main St.

ROMNEY — The last big piece of Romney’s Main Street sidewalk repaving begins next week, Mayor Beverly Keadle said Monday.

The project, approved in 2016, will connect new sidewalks just completed on the north side of Main Street with those poured in 2010 as part of the 3-lane project.

On the south side of Main, new sidewalks will run from Grafton Street west to Charlevoix Place.

“This is a big bunch of concrete,” Keadle told the Town Council Monday night at the end of its monthly meeting.

When it’s done, Romney will have nearly a mile of repaved, smooth sidewalks along the north side of Main Street, from School Street on the west end all the way to the eastern edge of the West Virginia Schools for the Deaf and the Blind.

The new construction is being completed by Excavation Associates, whose $299,800 bid was well under the $522,469 initially allocated.

The firm told Keadle it expects to have the work done by Oct. 16.

“This is a fast-moving project,” Keadle said, noting the bid was only let in February. “I was surprised.”

Maintenance Director Richard Kizer told the Town Council his crew is gearing up to replace water meters, sewer meters and valves in the construction area.

“There’s probably more things on the south side than there were on the north,” he said. 

When Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin made the grant in December 2016, Romney received the 2nd-highest amount in the $7 million being handed out.

“This will generally complete all the sidewalks in the downtown area, except on North High Street,” then-Mayor Dan Hileman said, “and we’re going to go after that next.”

Next is yet to come, but on Monday the Town Council authorized Keadle to pursue the grants to do that work.

Sidewalks east of Grafton were replaced in 2010 as part of the project that made East Main Street 3 lanes.

From the west, 2 different grants in the Safe Routes to Schools program replaced sidewalks on the north side of Main Street from School Street to Endler Avenue.

A Transportation Alternatives Program grant awarded in 2015 brought the new sidewalks east from Endler to High Street. All but the last block was finished last fall and the last block was finished last month.

That final block – between High Street and Marsham Street – still awaits railing to be installed and 6 new parking places to be marked.

The city also used $15,000 of its own money to repair 190 feet of sidewalk on the south side of Main Street east of the Dairy Queen.

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