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The West Virginia Secondary School Activities Commission issued the following statement on Friday Feb. 19 regarding attendance.

“Each county/school will determine the maximum number of spectators allowed in their indoor facilities based on the requirements that social distancing be maintained and spectators wear face coverings. It is recommended that parents and family members of the student athletes and coaches (both home and visiting teams) be given first priority.”

As for Hampshire High athletics, the maximum number of fans allowed in the gym for girls basketball, boys basketball and wrestling will be 215 people.

“We came to an agreement with the local health department officials to operate at 25% capacity,” explained Hampshire High athletic director Trey Stewart.

Previously, for most fall and winter sports, attendance was limited to just parents, grandparents and household members.

Now with the expanded numbers, the extra seating opportunities will allow students to attend games.

“We are going to try to hold back a certain amount for HHS students then allow the rest for the general public.” said Stewart.  

One of the hurdles for Trojan athletics is how to divide the tickets between students and the general public.

“We are one of the smallest gym capacities in the state of West Virginia and right now the fine details are still being worked out.”

Although Stewart was hesitant to provide an exact number of students allowed in attendance, he did confirm that game entry would be based on using a cashless ticket purchase system. 

The attendance policies at Romney and Capon Bridge athletic events will closely mimic the high school, following the 25% capacity guidelines outlined by the local health department.

“We met on Friday about the attendance situation,” said Capon Bridge Middle School athletic director Bryan Potter.

“The health department said that we could have up to 25% of our gym capacity. That would allow us to have up to 125 people. They will also have to social distance and wear masks.”

Although general attendance rules are in place, nothing is yet set in stone according to Potter.

“We are going to have to do the list again to make sure that both teams parents and grandparents are able to attend, then open the rest up to general admission,” said Potter.

“We want to make sure that all household members, parents, and grandparents can attend if at all possible.

Romney Middle School athletic director Chad VanMeter also confirmed the 25% capacity guidelines for girls and boys home basketball games. The Pioneer girls open the season on March 8 against Moorefield.


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