AUGUSTA — There will be a new private school option for Hampshire families this fall: Victory Christian Academy is opening its doors at its Augusta site come Sept. 1.

Last year, VCA offered virtual Christian, Bible-based curriculum from Abeka during the height of the pandemic, but this fall will see the schools 1st in-person semester.

The school’s new administrator and teacher, Paw Paw native Toni Crawford, said she’s excited to get the ball rolling on the new school year, and looking forward to bringing a Christ-centered learning environment to interested students and families.

“I’m nervous, but I’m excited,” Crawford said. “My head is everywhere, thinking about all the little and big things that need to get done.”

One of the biggest driving forces behind getting the wheels turning with the academy is the desire to offer a private Christian alternative to an area that relies heavily on the public school system.

“If you want a Christian education for your kid, you have to go to either Maryland or Winchester,” Crawford explained. “Most people I’ve spoken to think its a great idea just to have the option here.”

VCA has contracted with Hope Christian Church in Augusta to offer a secure space for the school. School spokesperson C.J. Ganoe said that this year is a “growing” year for the academy, which hopes to move toward having its own site and facilities in the upcoming years.

Ganoe also pointed out that so far, the community has been extremely supportive of VCA’s mission.

“We’ve been blessed with donors, some not even in our area,” she said. “Our tuition is 3 to 4K less a year than in Winchester.”

Continued community support will allow VCA to maintain their low tuition and possibly even lower it more, making it an affordable option for families looking for private, Christian education for their kids.

This year, the school is hoping to have around 10 to 15 students, just as a transitional year getting back into the swing of things from a virtual year.

Ganoe pointed out that society today has shifted with its values, and VCA hopes to keep Christ at the forefront of education.

“It’s not the same world we grew up with,” she admitted. “It’s changing; it’s evolving.”

Crawford added that VCA doesn’t encourage an isolationist Christian approach, but the opposite:

“Christ asked us to go where (people) need Him,” she explained. “We are equipping our students to go into the world and make an impact. We want to give them that good foundation.”

Tuition is $3,750 a year, including texts, with a $75 registration fee. Tuition is discounted $300 for each extra child enrolled from a family.

Registration is waived for children enrolled by Aug. 8.

Families have the option to pay $395 monthly for 10 months.

The school year will run from Sept. 1 until June 10; Crawford said they were trying to coincide as much as they could with the county’s public schools.

“We are getting a lot of positive reactions,” Crawford said. “The first thing I ask is for people to pray for us.”

Along with prayers, VCA has a number of opportunities for the community to support their mission, including donation avenues and helping sponsor a child’s education at VCA who may not be able to afford it. For more information, find Victory Christian Academy on Facebook.

For an application for enrollment, email VCA at or contact Crawford at 304-359-1083 or

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