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SLANESVILLE — Ten people were arrested and “a large quantity” of what appears to be heroin was confiscated in a raid here Thursday night.

Hampshire County Sheriff’s deputies, West Virginia State Police and Romney Police converged on a house on Fraction Drive, about a mile and a half north of Route 29 off Critton Owl Hollow Road.

Authorities had been alerted to the presence of a wanted man there, Ceferino Delgado, 34, who had outstanding warrants for malicious wounding and burglary.

When officers arrived, the found several people standing outside who all took off running. Each was chased down and one was identified as Delgado.

Authorities secured enough information from the people they captured to obtain a search warrant that led the drugs and several piece of drug paraphernalia.

Delgado, of Romney, was charged with fleeing, 3 counts of conspiracy and refusal to fingerprint in addition to the outstanding malicious wounding and burglary charges.

Gabrielle Ann Collins, 29, of Paw Paw was charged with possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance, conspiracy  and being a fugitive from justice.

Gary Thomas Gray Jr., 24, of Essex, Md., was charged with possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance, fleeing and conspiracy.

Briuna Jennell Clark, 19, of Baltimore was charged with conspiracy and fleeing.

Jessica Lee Lynch, 37, of Paw Paw was charged with possession with intent to deliver and conspiracy

Five others were charged with conspiracy: Michael Nelson Keener Jr., 23, of Shanks; Daion Carlton Finch, 21, of Baltimore; Robbie Ray Whetzel, 37, of Charleston; Robert Bruce Stachow, 51, of Shanks; and Lily Ana Keener, 22, of Shanks.

Chief Deputy Nathan Sions said the residence has been a well-known drug house for many years with numerous arrests and overdoses.

“This was a well coordinated effort between agencies in effecting these arrests,” Sions said.

Hampshire County Sr. Deputy Sheriff Jacob Crites is the lead officer in the ongoing investigation.


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