Rapidly expanding E.A. Hawse Health Center has acquired the Hahn Medical Practice in Romney and 2 other locations.

“Right now, we’re just in the process of getting familiar with the operation,” Hawse CEO Melissa Thompson said. “It’s probably going to take us about a quarter to get everything where we want.”

The change of ownership took place Jan. 4. The Hahn Medical Practice has offices in Romney, Wardensville and Moorefield.

Hahn patients will still see the same doctors, physician’s assistants and nurse practitioners.

“We didn’t make any changes with that,” Thompson said. “They’re doing what they did prior, just under new management.”

Services that Hawse has elsewhere are being added in the Hahn offices.

Thompson said the left side of the ground floor in Romney has been remodeled for mental health services. The basement is being remodeled to add more primary care and behavioral health services.

She said the current site will meet Hawse’s needs for the next few years.

“If the need arises, we will look for other space,” she said.

E.A. Hawse is headquartered in Baker. Over the past 2 years it has doubled its services and its service area, Thompson said.

Last year it entered a contract with Hampshire County Schools to provide behavioral health services in the schools, as it has already done in Hardy County.

“We want to go the places that other places don’t really want to be there,” she said of her company’s rural footprint.

Key to that is bringing services to places like Romney, Baker, Moorefield and Wardensville.

“The access to specialists has always been a hindrance for people,” Thompson said. “Nobody wants to travel 60 miles or an hour and a half to get them.”

Hawse already has a cardiologist who sees patients at other offices and is working to bring a chiropractor to the Romney office.

“We want to get some specialists into our system, whether that’s building medical suites and renting them out, or bringing people into our system.”

Thompson sees the health center expanding its current dental practice and adding vision care.

In addition, she noted, Hawse is introducing a sliding payment scale to the Hahn practices that can bring in Medicaid patients.

“Our mission at E.A. Hawse is to provide access to high quality healthcare without discrimination,” Thompson said.

The Romney office will have a grand opening in March or April, Thompson said, depending on both weather and Covid-19 conditions.

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