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The property on Cabin Road, off Timber Mountain Road, north of U.S. 50

Love Shack owner Sabrina Droescher’s request to keep 7 of the 103 seized dogs from her property off Timber Mountain Road was denied by a magistrate ruling Friday morning.

Droescher appeared before Magistrate Ron DiCiolla to contest the seizure of 7 dogs from the Cabin Road property, 4 miles north of U.S. 50 on Cooper Mountain, where Hampshire County Animal Control and the Hampshire County Sheriff’s Department had removed over 100 dogs from the premises over the last week.

DiCiolla ruled that the 7 requested dogs would not be returned to Droescher.

“What I’m seeing is good intentions gone bad,” DiCiolla explained. “At this point, looking at the whole picture, I’m not going to return the dogs to you.”

The seized dogs will remain with Hampshire County Animal Control. An additional dog, a blue pit bull named Sasha, will remain with Droescher “for safety purposes,” due to her aggressive nature.

Droescher has 20 days to file an appeal and contest the ruling.

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This woman shouldn't be allowed to have a plant, much less a live animal.


Thank God all those dogs are away. Sadly, way too late for many. Heartbreaking for all those that she ruined and the many she killed. This us why authorities should listen when someone calls in with concerns. This should never have been ignored. And "rescues" need to be monitored regularly.

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