Erin Surber

Hampshire native Erin Surber adopted Max, a rescue from Love Shack, and now he’s an important part of her family. 

Love Shack rescue Max finds a new, loving home

CUMBERLAND — One of the Love Shack dogs has found his forever home, in a turn of events that his new family called “fate.” 

Max was one of the over 100 dogs seized from the Cabin Road property on April 5. 

The conditions weren’t suitable for that many dogs, and Max was brought to the Hampshire County Animal Shelter. 

Hampshire native, Cumberland resident and mom of 2 Erin Surber saw Max’s picture on the shelter’s Facebook page, and she said she was charmed immediately.

“He stood out as being the perfect dog for our family,” Surber recalled. “When we went to adopt (him), I had no idea he was from Love Shack.” 

That’s where the concept of “fate” came in. 

Surber said that when the dogs were being seized and folks were being updated through the news and through social media, she knew she wanted to help and maybe adopt one of the dogs. Going to the shelter to meet Max, Surber had no idea that Max was one of those dogs. 

“While the kids were playing with him, the volunteer said he was from the Love Shack,” Surber recounted. “I was sold right then and there, and knew that we were meant to find him.” 

Max was adopted on May 8, just about a month after he was taken from the horrors of the Cabin Road site, where many of the dogs lacked necessary medical care and several deceased dogs were simply bagged and tossed into a trash heap on the property called “The Pit.”

The 2-year-old pooch, whose breed Surber described as being “a mystery pup,” has turned out to be a perfect fit for his new family. Surber said she doesn’t know how long he was at Love Shack, but he is recovering from that experience in the arms of his new family in Cumberland.

“He’s super smart and I think very intuitive for a dog,” Surber explained. “When I’m feeling stressed, he just lays his head in my lap and looks up at me. It’s so sweet.”

She said when they first brought the rescue home, he was curious and clingy, needing constant assurance and stability. And, even though he clocks in at about 40 pounds, he thinks he’s a lap dog.

“He does seem like a worrier,” his mom added. “He’s apprehensive and a bit scared about meeting new people at first, but once he warms up, he’s good to go.”

Surber has 2 kids: a daughter, Reagan, who is 10, and her son Ryker, who is almost 8. She said Max is great with the kids. 

“I think their energy matches his,” she said. “We are a sports-oriented and active family, and Max is a very athletic dog.”

Sometimes, she said, he even goes on runs with her. 

Living with his new family in Cumberland (though soon they will be relocating back to Hampshire County) is certainly a far cry from the conditions at Love Shack. 

Surber said that she felt moved to help in some way after hearing about the dogs being recovered from the property.

“It was just the fact that all of these dogs were there in such an unfortunate situation,” she said. “I wanted to help in whatever way possible to give at least one of them a loving environment.” 

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Dear Surbers. Pit mix with Border Collie + ? me thinks. :-)

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