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Students Alex Moore, Douglas MacArthur and Joe Malone broadcast live for Trojan Media.

ROMNEY — Dipping their toe into the world of broadcasting, Trojan Media at Hampshire High School is emerging as an outlet for students wanting to have a voice.

Angel Blizzard, the broadcast technology teacher at HHS, has experience in managing a radio station, and she said that she wants to help the interested students at HHS hone their skills as both on-air talent and behind-the-scenes help with the new HHS radio and TV stations.

“We are trying to find our way,” Blizzard said. “I don’t need to be able to hold [their] hands constantly.”

The broadcasting team is starting out at HHS with sports coverage with stat reporting and live play-by-play on-air. They covered the girls soccer sectional championship at Rannells field against Jefferson, and last week they challenged themselves by taking the show on the road to cover the girls soccer regional championship game, which was also simulcast via the Trojan Media app designed by the media department.

Blizzard said that she wanted to teach the broadcast students about the importance of being prepared, having confidence and immersing themselves in the sports that they are covering.

“You have to not be afraid to go talk to people and ask, ‘what can the radio show do for you?’” said Blizzard. “People listening to you might have the same questions as you. They might not know exactly how it works, so don’t be afraid to ask the question.”

Blizzard stressed the importance of being a part of the sports that are being covered, telling students that they might be interviewing athletes in all sports, so it’s important to know about those sports.

‘Don’t assume that you understand the topic,” Blizzard noted. “Take advantage of coaches that we have access to, some right here in this building. Ask an expert.”

Students Joe Malone and Derrick Hyson are among the students on the media team that are trying to build up the program. Malone is a key member of the production team, while Hyson is in charge of the sports media department, as well as lends his voice as on-air talent.

Trojan Media is in its early stages of development. They are currently using social media outlets, such as Facebook and Instagram, to try to gain a little bit of traction with a listener/viewer base, with ideas like ticket giveaways and promotions.

Trojan Media’s coverage can be accessed through their app, and they are looking to promote not just HHS athletics in their coverage but also the accomplishments of students in other departments, such as music, the arts, Skills USA, etc.

To support Trojan Media, download the app to listen and follow them on Facebook (WHHS-TrojanMedia) or Instagram (@whhs.trojanmedia) to see updates and video. 

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